20 Oct, 2015 No Comments

Embroidery Quick Tips

Here are some time and money saving tips for commercial embroidery we have collected! If you run out of water-soluble topping, try dry-cleaning bags. Hoop them just like any other topping and clean the same as alwayspulling off as much topping as you can. Now run a hot iron over the design, and the remaining pieces of the bag will disappear…


22 Sep, 2015 No Comments

A Quick Lesson on Embroidery Thread

Here is a look at different types of embroidery thread and some of the terminology associated with them.  Different materials and manufacturing methods of thread can lead to different results in finished embroidered designs.  Northwest Custom Apparel uses Robison Anton super-strength rayon thread in all of our embroidery, but we are capable of special ordering most different types of thread to meet customers’ specific requests…