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FAQ on Web-Stores

Types of Stores

Team Stores

Company Stores

Order Portal Stores

Fundraising Stores

Team Stores

Great for coaches that don't want to deal with apparel and collecting money.

  • Store collects the players order and payment. (no paper order forms)
  • Individually bagged and labeled
  • Coach hands out to players and DONE.


  • The store will be opened from 1-2 weeks, so team members can place their order.
  • The store will close and we will produce your order.
  • The store will reopen 1 week after your Team receives their order. 

Other Events and Fundraisers

  • Specialty Events
  • Homecoming Events (Powder Puff, Alumni)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Fundraising
  • State Playoffs
Company Stores

Human Resource managers are busy enough handling employees. HR Managers don't have enough time in the day to put together an employee apparel program.

Company Stores

  • Great for companies with 15 or more employees.
  • No more spreadsheets trying to keep track of employee's orders.
  • No more collecting money or payroll deductions.
  • Orders are bagged with the employees name.
  • Easy to distribute to employees.

Gift Cards

  • Great for Employee Incentives
  • Gift Card Discount Codes are provided to the employee to purchase online.
  • Your company has to only write one check for what your employees purchased.

Other Uses of the Store

  • Sales/Events (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)
  • New Hire Packs
  • Holidays: St. Patty's, 4th of July and Christmas (Ugly Sweaters anyone?)
  • High School Rivalry Games: Create shirts with your local high school's logo and your company's logo.


  • Embroidered and Direct-to-Garment Items with your company's logo are available 24/7 on demand.
  • Special Events and Holiday Parties: OPEN/CLOSED for two weeks to collect orders.
  • Please work with your sales rep on product offered on your store.
Order Portals

An Order Portal is basically a Company Store, but with two advantages.

  1. It is an order portal where several employees can order.
  2. Reorders are simple and fast

Example 1: Employee Uniform Program

  • You are an owner of a chain of restaurants.
  • You want your store managers to have the ability to order their employees apparel online.
  • You have specific garments that they can only order. 
  • You want the ability to track their orders.
  • The store managers would not have to pay at time of purchase
  • You will be billed monthly.

Example 2: Local Brewery order portal)

  • You have 10-12 different designs 
  • 1 person in charge of ordering
  • Easy to reference the design to order, since it is online.
  • No more emailing back and forth trying to describe what design you want on the shirt.
  • The shirt color and design will be listed online.
  • Easily add new designs and product
  • Simple reorders


Example 3: Lawn Care Service  (making reorders easy)

  • Owner of a Lawn Care service of 30 employees
  • You place 3-4  t-shirt orders during the summer.
  • We create a store with the products you reorder
  • Easy reorders: No more calling or stopping by to place reorders.
  • You can see your apparel and designs online. 
  • Pay online and we ship the order to you.



  • Reorders are easy
  • Easily add more items to your store.
  • Employees can view product online. No more emailing or posting flyers in your office.
  • Store stays open year round.


There would be minimum sized orders for each store. 

Fundraising Stores

A group wants to order 100 shirts to raise money for breast cancer awareness at their event.

  • They want to order 100 shirts to raise money
  • You can get support from all over the country
  • Ship to anywhere in the country. Raise money outside your event
  • Open 1 week before the event for presales.
  • Sell the shirts at your event.
  • Reopen the store after the event for additional sales.
  • You are raising money 3 different times:
    • Presales
    • At the event
    • After the event
How to Market Your Store

Marketing stores using social media can be a powerful, and often times like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Facebook
    • Targeted Ads
    • Share/Tag Friends
    • Post on Fan Page or Group
  • LinkedIn
    • Best for Corporate Stores
  • Twitter/Instagram
    • Go to where buyers go

Non-Social Media Marketing

  • Email blasts
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Announcing at events
  • Word of Mouth


How much money can I raise?

School/Fundraising Stores: How it Works

We will write you a check on the proceeds raised by your store.

Pricing: The more you sell the lower the cost of the t-shirt.

  • Base pricing is based on our 24 unit pricing.
    • You sell the shirt for $20.00 on the site.  Your cost from us is $15.00 (24 unit price):  $20.00 - $15.00 = $5.00 You make $5.00 per shirt.
    • You sell 48 shirts on the site: Your cost from us goes down to $12.00 (48 unit price):  $20.00 - $12.00 = $8.00 You now make $8.00 per shirt
  • Your total profit if you sold 48 shirts is $384.00

Additional Info: 

  • Please speak with our sales reps to get everything setup
  • Checks will be written within 1-2 weeks of the store closing.
  • We will issue a 1099 at the end of the year. Please provide your tax ID # or SSN.


Sample Stores

Below are some links to some real stores

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