Embroidery Since 1977

Forty years in business means we have been doing something right.  We take pride in the fact that most of our business comes from referrals and satisfied customers.

We have embroidery technicians who have over 30 years experience with our company. Our most junior operator has 7 years experience. This means we deliver quality. Our manufacturing staff has been around for quite a while.

Our team goal is to deliver on time with the highest level of quality. We are the Cadillac of the embroidery trade. Since 1977 we have accumulated over 45,000 company designs. These are designs of actual companies we have done business with. These are not “stock” designs of animals, sports figures, etc. We can also add those stock designs if you want to put another 30,000 on the pile.

Occasionally we have a complaint but fortunately we can correct it within 24 hours. Unlike other internet companies we are a factory and we can control our production. Our suppliers are within a stone’s throw of our factory.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a factory and with live customer service reps who answer the phone, have complete autonomy working with customers and whose goal is to create a raving fan out of a customer who had a concern. This is what keeps us getting the repeat orders.

Most important we do not operate out of a PMB mailbox located in a strip mall. We have 16,000 feet of manufacturing space.

To prevent any potential problem we prefer to sample our customers with a actual decorated garment before manufacturing. For clients who are in a hurry we provide a jpg sample for review. This is the benefit of being a factory which gives us the competitive edge over other internet companies.

Our customer reps can go right from the phone to the factory floor. Our whole company works as one team to ensure quality, price and delivery. Regarding delivery we have the Kornit digital printers which allows us same day delivery for rush screen print orders. The term is actually is digitally printed orders.

We represent all the major apparel manufacturers from Nike, Eddie Bauer, Cutter & Buck, Port Authority, New Era caps, the list is endless just ask when placing your order. We can offer it.

Dedicated Staff

Embroidery Technicians with over 20 years of experience.
Embroidery Technicians with over 20 years of experience.









CEO, Jim Mickelson and Operations Manager, Erik Mickelson
CEO, Jim Mickelson and Operations Manager, Erik Mickelson
Tamara, Taylar and Tracy can help you with all your promotional needs and questions.
Sales Staff: Tamara, Taylar and General Manager, Tracy