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Best Crafts to keep Children busy on Christmas


Every parent knows the holiday season means major stress and lots of running around. Whether it is baking or wrapping presents, your children will prolong the process and cause you to take even longer than planned. Frustrating and aggravating, sometimes you need that time to yourself to get everything done. The hassle of taking care of children and organizing can sometimes be more stressful than the actual task at hand. Here are some crafts to help keep the kids busy and amused while you finish what you have to do.

childrenPaper snow flakes – everyone loves a few snowflakes here and there. Let the kids create their own unique snowflakes and hang them in the window for every on looker to see and enjoy.

Painting ornaments – all you have to do is pick up some craft paint and solid color ornaments from the store. After that let the kids paint beautiful pictures of Christmas symbols (Snowmen, Santa, Rudolf etc.) and hang them on the tree. It will be a joy for the whole family to look at.

Ginger bread house – delicious and fun, let the kids create a town out of their own imagination with a gingerbread house kit. It’s amusing to see what they come up with and how they view a house all decorated for Christmas.

holiday-facebook-tagBox Figures – easy and loads of fun, all the kids need is some construction paper and glue. Take an old box and transform it into a humble Christmas friend. Whether it’s frosty or Santa, let their imaginations go wild when it comes to this recycled and good for the environment activity.

Homemade Christmas crayons – what do you do with those crayons that are all broken and still lying around the house? Here is the solution, melt the remaining crayon in a pot and put the liquid into a Christmas shaped stencils. Let it sit and cool off for a period of time. Once the newly transformed crayons are ready, let the kids color for hours with their new awesome Christmas shaped crayons.

Christmas cookies – bake the outline of a Christmas cookie shape and then get the kids to help decorate them. Fun for the whole family to enjoy.

So now that you’ve seen some tricks on how to keep the kids busy for hours, go and apply them. With a homemade touch around the house, nothing beats the sense of knowing that a child’s imagination has brought the meaning of Christmas to life.


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