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A solid website design with a clear navigation is an essential aspect of getting maximum sales. You should organize your t-shirts by category and have sorting options such as, new, men’s, women’s and kids. Your navigation should also be consistent on every page and appear in a prominent location.

Dress Blue/Battleship Grey


Product photos can go a long way in improving sales. People like to visualize themselves in the shirts and seeing it on an actual model makes it easier. If you are not a great photographer then be sure to hire one, because the better the photos the better your sales could potentially be.


Adding a top sellers section to your navigation or sidebar of your site can be a great way to drive some attention to your best selling designs, which in turn should make them sell even better!


If your t-shirt has a concept behind it be sure to write a brief description on the actual product page. This will not only add more content on your site for search engines to index (which means more natural traffic), but it will also give your shirts more meaning and that can go far.

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Starting a tee shirt business is expensive, but if you leave out certain people sizes you could be losing out on some great long term customers. Even if it’s only a few shirts, you should try and carry as many men’s and women’s sizes as possible.


Many studies have been done on pricing and it’s true that certain numbers go over better with people than others. In general odd numbers are said to work better such as $19.95, so play around with your prices for a while and see which prices work best.

88665 North End Sport Red Men's Axis Soft Shell Jacket with Print Graphic AccentsABOUT PAGE

Having an about page with a few paragraphs or so of background information will give people more insight into your company and make them feel more comfortable. If people are comfortable and trust you more, they will be more likely to buy from your store.


This is an extremely important part of of your site and not having a clear contact page can drive people away fast! If people don’t see a clear contact page, they may think you are trying to avoid them or have something to hide. Providing plenty of contact information prominently says you are proud and willing to talk to any of your customers.


Store graphics such as the one below are well known status symbols that let people know your store is both convenient and secure. Not all these graphics will apply to everyone’s store, but if one does you should consider adding it in your websites footer or in another area well-seen area.


Branding is key, and the fact is people like wearing stuff that’s popular. This is why having a section for user submitted photos can work wonders! Find a way to encourage your customers to submit photos of them wearing your clothes and then showcase these photos on your site using a site such as


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