Impersonal Internet vs happy local manufacturing

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Northwest Custom Apparel is a hybrid between brick-and-mortar and internet stores.

Meet the Northwest Staff

Internet Store

Traditionally our competition processes orders via the internet and converses with the customer via e-mail. This makes it very difficult for the customer to feel comfortable sending their order to a 100% internet company. This is not to put down the internet business model because it is successful.

Young people love to get on the internet and design their orders and unlike us seniors, they can design and place an order without conversing with anyone.

Now we seniors love the interaction of talking to someone. It makes us feel comfortable when we place an order and can talk with a real person who can guide us through the whole ordering process. Picking apparel and designing a logo is something we feel cannot be done 100% on the internet. Northwest has a trained staff who can walk you through your order and answer questions. Only live bodies can give good customer service.

The hybrid approach

Northwest Custom Apparel’s hybrid system of incorporating a website with a brick-and-mortar showroom is a more effective way to sell logo apparel. NWCA encourages customers to view our catalog first to decide what they want.  After selecting the style and color of the garment, they will come into our well-stocked showroom to close the deal. We give all new customers a factory tour to familiarize them with our company.

The website is for local customers.

Our website is not designed to attract distant customers. NWCA will always be a regional company. It’s not in our best interest to actively market out of our marketing area. When we follow this rule, we can give unbelievable service to our local customers. Our market area is Western Washington between Seattle and Olympia. We feel there is enough business in this area to keep us busy. Our factory has been here for 40 years.  Our business model must work.

Our objective is to project the laid-back feel of the great northwest to our fellow northwesterners. We want to be the Nordstrom of the decorated apparel industry. We offer Eddie Bauer, Cutter & Buck, Columbia, Nike, and Port & Co., all Northwest companies.

We accept orders from our marketing area and try our best to give the best possible service. Because these customers cannot come into our showroom, we will gladly send them samples. We use judgment when sending out samples but generally do not charge. We consider this our sales call. Customers need a touchy feel when purchasing apparel.

Best Business Model

seahawk shirts

In summary, we feel that the best business model is a website supported by a brick & mortar factory with a showroom.

We are local in Milton, WA and serve communities around Seattle