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Amazon same day tee printing

Is it DTG or Amazon Printing

Amazon the world’s largest and best retailer has taken a gigantic step into the direct to garment apparel printing business. This is also referred to as on demand printing. This move validates Amazon’s goal of entering  “just in time delivery” for apparel products.

Amazon goes first class

Amazon has decided to go first class and purchase the Kornit
printers. These are the best printers for on demand printing in the world. Amazon has made a bold move.

They have not only decided to purchase Kornit printers they are looking at an investment in the company. Kornit which is the manufacturer of the world’s best digital printers has agreed to sell to Amazon  warrants to purchase 2.3 million shares of stock of Kornit in the future.

David Hanson is a Kornit Printer Operator at NW Custom Apparel

David Hanson is a Kornit Printer Operator at NW Custom Apparel

A sound business move

This is a interesting move by Amazon because they have truly identified the “on demand printing market” for custom apparel. This will allow anyone who is creative to create their own apparel line by working with Amazon. The tedious process of bringing their design to a screen printer to develop is going to be history. Amazon has the ability to print as little as one piece. Everyone can become a designer working with Amazon.

Anyone can now enter the decorated apparel business if they have access to a computer and the internet. The process is very simple if you are a designer. All you have to do is design a graphic send it to Amazon digital and in 3 days you will received your printed tee shirt. The time and cost savings is going to be unreal.

Last year US apparel sales were over $90 billion. This market is wide open for Amazon.

Two digital printers

Northwest Custom Apparel located in Milton fortunately has two digital printers similar to Amazons. We can offer same day printing for clients in the Northwest. We appreciate the fact that Amazon is entering this market and developing the DTG brand or  “Amazon on Demand”.

Northwest Custom Apparel has the ability to go step in step with Amazon except we are a little shy on expansion capital. This is why we want to offer same day printing only to customers in the Pacific Northwest. We want to make same day printing in Seattle our goal. To go nationwide like Amazon would kill us. All we want to do is ride their coat tails.

We thank Amazon for jumping into the same day printing market. Trying to sell DTG printing vs screen printing tees is now a reality for us.


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