How T-Shirts are Printed in Less than 8 Hours

Micro DTG Factories

Same Day T-Shirt Printing

Where can I get one or same day tee shirt printing? This is a question which is more common than naught. Consumers want instant gratification. This really puts a strain on the imprinted sportswear industry. Most companies doing apparel printing cannot offer same day or rush printing.

There is actually a viable answer to this question. The answer is direct to garment printing. This is also referred to as DTG printing. Check out the quality of this printing. These shirts were designed and printed in less than 8 hours.


The whole process is actually revolutionary.  Printing tee shirts is rapidly is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Northwest Custom Apparel specializes in one day printing. The service they offer is in by 10AM delivery at 5 PM.

Customized apparel is becoming more in demand rather that a name on a tee shirt printed in one color. This arcane method actually started during world war II with the GI’s whose laundry was done in massive batches. This created a problem if the shirts were not marked correctly.

Now artists are less constrained with DTG printing because they can create designs using a full pallet of colors. Designs are now done on a computer rather than creating stencils/screens for each color in the design. It is fast what used to take several hours is now reduced to the time it takes to scan a design and send to the Kornit printer. Northwest uses Kornit technology because it is the best in the world.19947 19948 Harley Ride for Autism FP

We often get asked “can you print on darks?” Our response is that this is what separates us from the competition. In the Northwest there is only one company who has the Kornit printers. Than company is Northwest Custom Apparel or Decosource. These printers will allow Northwest Custom Apparel to create some real master pieces.

Friends of Russell are a Harley ride for Autisum. It is a major fund raiser.

Another question is how will the ink hold up. We printed tees in 2012 and they are still being worn. A shirt done on the Kornit printer will last at least 5 years.

In summary one day printing has arrived and Northwest Custom Apparel can deliver it.