How to Acquire Rose Bowl Embroidery Orders in 1991|92|93

Rose Bowl Glory for Seattle’s UW Huskies

In 1991, 1992, and 1993 the University of Washington went to the Rose Bowl. In 1991 they were national champions. We will show you how to acquire Rose Bowl Orders in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

Northwest Custom Apparel, formerly Northwest Embroidery, was chosen to decorate the team on field uniforms in 1993 with Rose Bowl Embroidery. We devised a unique design featuring three embroidered roses for the three years the Huskies went.

It was inspiring to receive this Rose Bowl embroidery order because the embroidery was coming into its own. The design was so popular that we made stadium blankets with the logo. They were so popular with the alumni because they were collector’s items.


Rose Bowl Official Jersey Patch 1991

Rose Bowl Official Jersey Patch 1991

Embroidery Licensing through the UW

In those days, we never needed a license if we were directly working for the University. Nowadays, forget about using any of the school’s logos.

Athletic Supply did all the legwork and put the order together.

The players got to keep their uniforms after the game. I bet they are worth a ton right now.

If anybody expressed an interest in having old-time Rose Bowl blankets made, maybe we can get the University to grant a license to this project.

I bet a lot of University Alumni would love to have a Rose Bowl blanket.

Other University of Washington Embroidery

Besides designs for bowl games, Northwest Custom Apparel stitched thousands of Husky branded logos for the bookstore, grocery stores, retail stores, and even Nordstrom’s department store. This was about 20 years ago when Michale Regan and Sue Ann Chen were the directors of UW licensing. Michael was probably the best license manager that UW ever had. Sue Ann Chen was Michael’s assistant and did a top-notch job. The UW licensing today is held by a larger company that doesn’t care about the smaller Seattle embroidery shops. The licensing company gives preferential treatment to Nika and Adidas.

Could you imagine the NIL 20 Years Ago?

I couldn’t imagine 20 years ago if the UW had the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) program with players today. Licensing with the University was tough enough. However, adding player royalties would add another layer of confusion. I couldn’t imagine UW’s Bily Joe Hobert or Brock Huard coming to our embroidery shop asking for their royalty check. The NIL is the wild west and is already out of control. It makes me happy to be out of the UW licensing now. Soon as the university puts rules and regulations on the players, I would think of stitching more UW garments.

UW Husky Football Helmet 2016
Printed T-Shirt of Seattle’s University of Washington

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