Why 3D Puff Embroidery Hats Make Seattle Companies Smile.

3D Puff Embroidery

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the greater Seattle area, for nearly three decades, I often question whether 3d Puff Embroidery Hats are essential. While rain jackets are a must for rainy days and layering is more prolific than ever with an increasing number of chilly mornings, should embroidered caps be a staple in our everyday outfits? The answer to this question is simple, though, and the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Why your business needs 3D Puff Embroidery Hats

For any longstanding resident of Washington, it is almost guaranteed that you have your go-to embroidered cap, if not multiple. Depending on the occasion, your custom cap may be a functional part of your wardrobe. The custom embroidered cap is often a reflection of your personality.

Puff Logo
Schools and Colleges use Puff Logos for their caps

While working outside, you may wear a functional trucker hat sporting your favorite local company’s 3d embroidery logo. Most importantly, wear the Richardson 112 or Port Authority C112, to block out the sun or rain. Let’s not kid ourselves; Seattleites don’t use umbrellas.

While out and about or heading to a Seahawks game. You are likely sporting a distinct navy and green New Era NE1020 with the team’s logo. Before heading to the Apple Cup, toss on your favorite cap supporting your team.

If you plan on heading to the mountains, you may opt for your favorite beanie instead. With so many occasions to wear an embroidered cap around Seattle. It almost becomes more challenging to decide which cap to wear rather than whether to wear one!

Which Cap Is Right For The Occasion?

Deciding on the right 3d Puff Embroidery Hats for the occasion may be challenging, but here is a list of potential recommendations!

Construction – Richardson 112 orPort Authority C112 with your company’s logo will impress while offering the functionality and breathability required for work. The Richardson 112 holds 3d embroidery very nicely.

Local Sports Game – New Era NE1020 or New Era NE200 allow you to sport your team with either a fitted or adjustable option

Outdoor Adventuring – North Face NF0A4VUA, Spacecraft SPC4, or Spacecraft SPC10 are all stylish options that will also fight off the elements

Golfing – Nike NKAO9293 orTravisMathew TM1MU426 are styles worn by the pros and can be paired with a customized logo.

Casual Shopping –Spacecraft SPC6, Sport-Tek STC21, and Carhartt CTA205 are all trendy pieces that can be paired with casual outfits with embroidery.

Northwest Custom Apparel was Voted the Best to Purchase Caps In Seattle

Northwest Custom Apparel is one of Seattle’s oldest embroidered custom caps suppliers. Since 1977 their custom caps have been worn by celebrities, pro athletes, and politicians throughout Washington State. We have invested in new Tajima embroidery machines that tightly stitch your 3d embroidery on the front of the cap.

3D Puff Cougar Logo
3D Embroidery for WSU