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8 Ways to Increase Website Conversions on Your Clothing Site


Find out these 8 proven tactics that will help you increase the conversions of your clothing site.

videos-for-clothing-brandsProduct Videos

80% of internet users now own a smartphone and that can be good enough to create product videos. In a real world example the online shoe and clothing company Zappos were able to increase product page sales between 6-30% by adding product videos to each of their pages.

Wish Lists

Creating wish lists for customers, is a good way of getting them to purchase the product at a more convenient time.

Other great ways of using wish lists is to email them if the following events occur:

  • If the price has dropped on the item
  • If the stock is low – creates urgency
  • If new reviews have been left on the item


Returns are inevitable with clothing sites, so they need to be as efficient and smooth as possible for the consumer. There may not even be a fault with the product, but as you know design or fit may be a reason for the return.

Create Urgency

Using words or phrases such as ‘Only X Left’ and ‘Will sell out soon’ can do wonders for converting those ‘on the fence’ buyers.

Multichannel selling is essential now for retailers as they look to expand their footprint on their own site. Therefore inventory management software is vital in order to manage your stock across all your channels and to display the figure, to increase sales.

Free Shipping

A staggering 88% of consumers would be willing to shop with you if the option of free delivery was offered. The amount of the time the delivery takes is less important as 83% of shoppers are happy to wait an extra two days just to have free delivery.

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Live Chat

The reason people may not be spending money with you is that they feel their question might not be answered quickly enough. Most of the prople prefer their choice of communication as live chat.

Social Login

Three in every four people who attend your website take issue with the fact that they have to register for it. Therefore allowing users to log in with any of their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is a great way of speeding up the process. On ecommerce platforms such as Shopify this can be easily integrated with plugins like Social Login.

Product Reviews

Most of the people who come to your website are looking to consult reviews before they purchase. This is the best way of instilling confidence in buyers and getting them to convert. Many retailers may bemoan the fact that getting customers to leave reviews can be very difficult. Customers can leave reviews for their purchased goods without leaving the email and being redirected. This vastly improves the participation rate.


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