Ad Specialties are fun

Ad Specialties are fun

What is an advertising specialty? They are sometime referred to as trinkets and trash. Most important it is a small gift which the receiver can put on their desk. Types of desk ad specialties are paper clip holders, coffee cups rulers, and other neat little items All specialties have the name of the giver noted on the gift.

 Most popular ad specialties


The most popular ad specialties are coffee cups, ball point pens and baseball caps.

Northwest Custom Apparel always makes it a point to give every customer a specialty gift with each order. We have different levels of gifts depending on the value of the order. On decent size orders we’ll give a gift that has some real value… We always give it at the time of delivery.

We give away lip balm and letter openers

We have thousands of tubes of lip balm, letter openers and ball point pens to include with every order we deliver. We are firm believers in Ad Specialties to promote our brand.

Another fact is that if you pass out advertising specialties to your customers they generally will get on board and want to get some made with their logo.  It’s a neat little technique to up the sales ticket.

We like to market to the customer base we have. New customer acquisition is so expensive. It takes about 8 contacts before you can even pique a prospect’s interest

Our program of giving out ad specialties works very well. We have customers who will drive out to our factory to pick up their order knowing a small thank you give is waiting for them.