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Advantages and disadvantages of selling through online retailers


Reason #1: You lose control of your product

This is a major reason that lots of people opt to open their own website — it gives you full control over your final product and every little detail of the website, too.

When you hand over the reins to another company, they’ll be able to make some big decisions about your product. That might mean that they can severely limit how your shopfront looks, or it could be that they decide how much the production costs are for your tees.

online-shoppingReason #2: It’s not unique

All the shops on these platforms look fairly uniform, with a small selection of product types displayed in a similar way. There are some ways that you can customise your shopfront and products, but ultimately you’re quite restricted in how unique you can make your stuff look.

If you really want to create a unique product, then having your own shop is definitely the way to go.

online-storesReason #3: Spreadshirt limits what you can do with your designs

All designs to be sold on an online retailer have to pass a test. This is to make sure their users upload stuff that they’ll actually be able to print, but it can be a bit of a pain for serious T-shirt designers. For example on Spreadshirt, you’ll have to spend some time waiting for your design to get approved. You’re also limited by how many designs you’re allowed to upload.

Reason #4: You miss out on chances to define your personal brand and SEO benefits, too

Running your own site is so much more personal, and your customers will be more easily to tell what your personal brand is all about. Hosting your shop on another platform means giving away valuable branding space to another company.

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Reason #5: It’s less professional

There are a lot of hobbyists on online retailers alongside the professionals. Now, we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with using your hobby to make a bit of money. Actually, we think that’s pretty cool! But if you’re serious about your business, it definitely looks more professional to have your own website.

Summing it all up

There are plenty of reasons opening up shop on a fulfilment platform might be the right decision for you. But even though these types of shops are quick and easy to set up, you should seriously consider whether they’re the right fit for you and your business. Chances are, there are going to be a lot more benefits in the long run to putting the time and effort into creating your own site.You’ll probably be much happier and your business will be more successful as well. Check out the benefits of using DTG Printing in your fullfilment programs. has over 60 Kornit printers in Texas.


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