Advertising Impact of Embroidered Baseball Caps

Charcoal Gray Baseball Cap

Baseball Caps can help advertise  your business

Mark Venit, a leading embroidered baseball cap consultant, commissioned a study in 2011 to see how many different people read the front of baseball caps.


Baseball Caps attract Lots of Eyeballs

One hundred people per day will see an embroidered cap worn outside the house on a typical full day of routine activity – excluding sporting events, concerts, and gatherings. If you wear it once a week, that’s more than 5,000 impressions in one year. And if worn to class, a mall, or a public event, the advertising will escalate to thousands of eyeballs within hours.

Richardson 112 Trucker Blue and Royal Cap

Richardson 112


How much is the Cost?

Let’s say at a selling price of $7.00 per baseball cap, $1.00 invested in an embroidered cap does generate 100 impressions per day. Wearing it ten times per day will produce 1,000 eyeballs. That is $.006 per impression! Who wouldn’t love to have that type of return?


Customer Loyalty

Customers that enjoy wearing their baseball cap regularly the impact on customer loyalty and awareness over time is empirically inestimable in dollars and cents. But the qualitative effects on the customer is downright enormous.


Quality of Cap Matters

Customers more often wear higher-end caps, such as New Era and Richardson. As of 2020, an embroidered New Era cap costs $25.00 at retail. One thousand eyeballs with ten wearings work out to $.02 per eyeball.


Where to Purchase

The best place to purchase custom embroidered caps would be your local embroidery shop. You can Google Search, “Where do I purchase embroidered baseball caps locally?” Generally, the minimum order size is 24 caps per embroidered logo. There are some mom and pop shops that will do as low as one; however, you will be paying a $100 setup fee and $50 per cap that is ridiculously overpriced. Northwest Custom Apparel has been embroidering caps since 1977. When you are in the Seattle/Tacoma region, we invite you to stop by our showroom, and our helpful staff will pick the perfect hat for your business.