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Amazing Gifting Ideas for Marketing People


marketers Water BottleFor the Foodie Marketer

Personalized Gin & Tonic coaster

Any person can feel like Don Draper or Joan Holloway with a fancy cocktail in their hands. Give the marketer in your life something to talk about the next time they have a drink.

Collapsible water bottle

These are great for taking to the office and refilling without taking up a bunch of space at the end of the day.

Water Bottle with Pocket

The marketer in your life probably doesn’t have time to go home between the gym and work and sometimes this means leaving our valuables in the gym locker room. With the Kangaroo Water bottle this would be no problem since you can store keys, cash and credits cards inside the water bottle!

Stainless steel travel mug

Whether they want to keep things hot or cold, this mug will do the job.

marketers Water BottleFor the Bookworm Marketer

Book on Book

Lunch break is often times the only time we have to catch up with our reading. But as any book lover can attest, flipping pages and eating aren’t exactly compatible activities. The good news is that there is a design company in Japan that came up with a solution; simply put, it is a transparent, plastic book that lays on top of your real book. It holds your pages in place and allows you to read while your hands are free to do other things.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

A classic — great for learning how to deal with difficult clients and negotiations.

Salt, Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

This investigation covers a lot of unethical, yet fascinating marketing case studies of major food companies.

nwFor the Neat Freak Marketer

Jazz History, limited edition Moleskine

Marketers, as the creatives they are, are always writing down ideas so a new notebook is never unwelcome – specially one as wicked as this one!

Best Self Success Journal

Help your marketer reach their goals with this organised notebook.

Business card case

Even with all the great stuff going on online, most people still need an actual business card — and somewhere to hold those cards.

Staple-free stapler

It sounds like an oxymoron, but this is a real thing (and a cool thing — we think).

marketers For the Techy Marketer

4-Port USB Power Strip

Keep everything neat and organised with this cute 4-Port USB Power Strip.

A Hootsuite account

Something any social media manager will appreciate. If they happen to already have an account, then you can go for any of these other apps.

iPad Stand

These are small and lightweight but can still lift up an iPad, making it more comfortable to use and, why not, cooler.

marketersFor the Design Loving Marketer

A Spotify subscription

Most people enjoy listening to music while they work. Why not sign them up for a few months?

A zen garden

Because sometimes, organizing a tiny zen garden can be as relaxing as a bubble bath — forget that. Nothing beats a bubble bath! But for those moments when you can’t get out of the office, I guess the zen garden will have to do.

Office darts

Because everybody loves blowing off a little work-related steam every now and again.


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