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Performance wear vs. active wear

Historically athletic shirts were made of cotton interlock material. This was a material which was able to absorb moisture but did not have good evaporation qualities. It was comfortable when first put on but became slightly uncomfortable as the perspiration was absorbed into the cotton. Perspiration was visibly noticeable when an athlete began performing at a intense level.

New fabrics called performance wear.

Enter the new fabrics referred to as performance wear. Performance wear is apparel specifically designed for the active market.  It offers extra comfort in all type of climate. It is made from synthetic fabrics.  Synthetic fabrics is the market than the apparel manufacturers are directing their engineering and research to perfect.

The material used starts out as a basic polyester yarn which is blended with other fibers such as cotton, flax, wool etc. The polyester give the fabric is performance qualities.  It gives the garment its body. It delivers a fabric that offers style, comfort, appearance, flexibility and utility.

Drywicking is an advanced material

Drywicking is a take off of moisture wicking. It is actually is a two tier fabric that breaks the surface tension of sweat and moves it away from the body to be evaporated leaving your skin dry. This fabric can be made into golf shirts, sports bras, running shirts and any garment worn for physical activity.

Performance wear is the fabric that is being improved on every day in the labs of Nike and Under Armour. These two companies are becoming the dominant suppliers of performance fabrics.

New fabrics are amazing

It is simply amazing that we now have a fabric which will block ultraviolet rays, repel bugs and mosquitoes and allows moisture to escape the body. Who knows what future uses are coming.

This fabric is starting to crossover to casual wear. This is the market that Under Armour has taken the lead in. The market is better, no hassle customers, and margins are better.

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