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How took over the t-shirt printing market


Amazon on demand tee shirts

Is it going to be Amazon tee shirt printing or will it still be called DTG (direct to garment) printing. When Amazon sees a great opportunity they jump on it.

Northwest Custom Apparel is located in Amazon’s back yard. We have had DTG printers (Kornit) since 2011. In fact we have the only Kornit DTG printers in the northwest. These are the printers Amazon is making an investment in.

Amazon is getting into the on demand tee shirt printing market.

Our company is so excited that Amazon is getting into the DTG market. People call us crazy for welcoming Amazon. We feel they know the future of demand tee shirt printing and we are going to ride their coattails. We all know that the best place to build a hamburger stand is right next to a existing one. (McDonalds, Burger King and Jack in the Box) all on the same corner. This is why we welcome Amazon into our market.

Amazon is not only going to use the best DTG printer in the world (Kornit) they are also lining up to purchase a ownership in the company.

Northwest Custom Apparel has Kornit printers. The same kind as Amazon is purchasing. Just like Amazon we can offer complete printing solutions.

High Quality products

We will be able to deliver the high quality and instant service demanded by users of the internet. Same day printing is a definite option that Northwest Custom Apparel offers and delivers on. If you can get your order in by 10 AM Northwest will deliver before 5 PM. This is a service that all techies want. Northwest can deliver it.

A interesting note is the total estimated online apparel sales in the US in 90 billion dollars. This market is so huge and Amazon is going to get a piece of it. Northwest Custom Apparel will be very happy with a micro piece of this market.  Amazon is leading the way by buying into the best DTG company in the world. Northwest Custom apparel is definitely going to share in their decision.




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