Arrow Lumber goes Digital

Arrow Lumbergoes digital with digitally printed tee shirts.

Arrow lumber has to be our number one customer. They know the value of marketing there brand in a competitive market.

If you are a company selling to the trade your only way of getting your brand out is to make your customers walking billboards.

Let me give you and example. A decorated tee shirt will cost about $8.00. That shirt will be worn on a job site. That shirt will be seen at least 50 times per week. About 16 cents per impression. Over the course of a year it will be seen at least 2,000 times. Cost per impression less than a penny per impression.

A good piece of advice is that contractors do not respond to e-mail or direct mail marketing. They do love tee shirts and caps..

Facts about a cap. Studies show that a cap will be seen at least 3,000 times before it is discarded. (It has to be a quality cap). Caps will generally run $10.00 with a cost per impression of 3 cents. Three cents is a very affordable way to get your message out and promote employee moral.

Arrow lumber understands that this is a excellent way to promote their brand. The company is growing because of some smart marketing by Barney Wagner the CEO and founder.along with his sidekick Sean.

NW Custom apparel is a marketing partner with Arrow lumber. We just love it when Sean and Barney come in and tell us how busy they are and need more caps and tees.