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The Art of getting Liked and Persuasion for your company


People either like you or they don’t and there is nothing that you can do about it, right? Although it is impossible to come up with a formula that will get everyone to like your company because each individual is simply too unique, it is still possible to increase your store’s likeability factor along with boosting sales.

likeYour life experiences may have already led you to these conclusions: we like people who are similar to us and we like people who are attractive. But what do these statements have to do with anything, you ask? Even though they may sound simple, these generalities are the key factors in getting people to like your company.

Since we like those who are similar to us, we also like companies that carry products that fit our specific lifestyles. Because of this, it is important to have a target audience. The specificity of this target audience is up to you, but you should have a cohesive line that fits the audience that you’re trying to cater. If people cannot identify with your brand, then it is likely that they will seek other brands. For example, if you run a clothing shop and your audience consists of pop-punk loving teenagers, then it would be wise to show that with your clothing and advertisements.

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By selecting specific brands to purchase when we go shopping, we are each saying “yes” to that brand and “no” to other brands offering the same type of product. If a consumer likes you and your store, then they are more likely to say “yes” to your products and prefer them over what other stores carry. You will also be more successful in persuading consumers to purchase your products if they are having trouble coming to a decision of whether or not to make a purchase. Because of this, it is extremely important to produce high-quality products and provide exceptional customer service. If you can maintain your customers’ satisfaction, then they will surely continue to say “yes” to your store.

persuasionAlong with liking, you also need the power of persuasion. Why should we buy your stuff? What makes your company better than the rest? To answer these questions, you must have effective sources of persuasion. An effective source of persuasion is one that is credible. To be credible, this source must have competence and expertise, be trustworthy, and also be likeable. Celebrity endorsements, blog reviews, and customer reviews are some good sources of persuasion. While you may not be able to get high-profile celebrities to publicly use your product or wear your apparel, there are still other individuals you can go to.

Let’s set this up specifically for a t-shirt company. For example, if you run a clothing shop, you can send out some free tees to bands. If they like what they receive, they may wear your apparel onstage at shows. Bands are credible sources for new fashions and their audience may see what they wear at concerts and want to purchase the same shirts that their favorite members are wearing. T-shirt bloggers are also credible sources, as many of them are always on the lookout for fresh new tees and have been exposed to a vast array of t-shirt companies throughout the years. Keep in touch with these bloggers and see if you can get a review in exchange for sending them a free sample of your work. Their expertise in the t-shirt world could be very helpful for your company.


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