Athleisure comes to Seattle


Athleisure wear

This is the latest buzz word in fashion casual wear. It is clothing that can be worn in the gym and the office. This a piece you can put on in the morning and wear all day without being embarrassed. Northwest Custom apparel carries a complete line of Athleisure wear for its group sales program. We also make this product available to gyms, athletic clubs and yoga studios.

Clothing which was originally designed for the gym is slowly finding  its way in to the office. The trend toward office casual has created a demand for a product which is now meets with the new lifestyle changes in corporate American. Seattle is number one in casual clothing in the world. Where else can you find unlimited inventory of atlleisure wear.

The reason it is so popular is that new performance fabrics are being developed which are quick drying, odor resistant and moisture wicking.  Combine these new fabrics with a top notch designer and we have something which will make its way into the boardroom. A new line being designed and introduced in Seattle by Joey Rodolfo is Buki wear. A great line being introduced for Christmas. Check out the Buki website.

In 2015 athleisure wear was up 15% while traditional active wear declined 2%.

This casual clothing probably got its start with Yoga pants. House wives were wearing this pants early in the morning for their daily workout and keeping them on during the rest of the day for shopping and running errands. The men noticed this and accepted the fact that women look pretty good in yoga wear.

The father of Athleisure wear might be a designer named Ryan Mclatchy. He took a bolt of spandex material and sewed up the first pair of yoga pants which morphed their way into the likes LuLuLemon, Nordstrom, Macey’s, etc.

The new term often used is “tech wear.” Tech Wear has made its way into the office. All that’s needed is a casual top to turn it into a nice looking item. All men have to do is add a polo on top of their workout pants and they are ready to go.



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