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Athleisure replaces Office Wear


Athleisure is a new term for a new style of dress that is athletic, comfortable  and very casual. It’s almost like wearing your gym clothes for daily activities. This style of dress is great because it is so comfortable and is now being accepted in the work environment.

What makes this so nice is that it is easy to maintain and easy to care for.

It is also so stylish that it looks like normal street attire. Nike, Ogio, North Face and Eddie Bauer all have styles which are very good looking and comfortable. Northwest Custom Apparel represents all these companies and markets these products complete with custom logos. Northwest Custom apparel offers these garments with custom company logos and many companies use the as team builders. Nothing is more important than showing off your company with branded apparel.

100% polyester smooth faceed fleece. 6.8 ounces, Moisture Wicking Fabric. MQK00049 Men's Half Zip, LQK00040 Ladies' Half Zip, MQK00036: Men's Full Zip, LQK00030, Laides Full ZipTravel is where Athleisure wear is most popular. It is so helpful not to have to take off your belt or other metal objects when going through security. On the plane it is so comfortable especially when you are trying to squeeze into those tight airline seats. Every extra bit of comfort you can create on an airplane is most welcome. I remember those days when everyone dressed up to fly. Ug.

Traveling in Athleisure wear is so easy. It makes long flights so much easier and you can maintain that feeling of cleanliness which is hard to achieve in fancy business clothes. I would never fly long distance in everyday street clothes.

If you’re an older adult Athleisure wear gives your body a full range of motion. It is just simply comfortable. The most important feature is that it is breathable and keeps you from getting hot or uncomfortable during your during travel.

The most beneficial part of wearing this style of clothing is that allows you to be ready for any activity. You can get up in the morning put on your Athleisure wear, head for the store, run a few chores and then head to the gym.

ST245_LST245_models_GA17_cropThis type of clothing is so stylish that it doesn’t even look like athletic wear. In the streets of Seattle it seems this is the normal mode of dressing.

This clothing is so durable that it makes sense to invest your clothing budget in apparel

which is stylish, durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and actually looks better than staid old street clothes.


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