President Carter Visits Tacoma

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president Carter wears cap made by Northwest Custom Apparel.

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Employee stores

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Benefits of Company Webstores Free Up Marketing Budget Advertise Your Business Brand Awareness   Reduce your marketing budget Here’s how you can get free advertising and a giant boost in employee morale. Sounds suspect, it isn’t. Just read on for our simple suggestion. Sometimes the easiest ideas work. A few terms I will be using […]

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Embroidered patches started in Tacoma

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Northwest Custom Apparel started making patches in 1977. When we started Northwest our mission was to manufacturer embroidered patches and apply them to caps. Caps in 1977 didn’t have a lot of different styles to choose from the cap we primarily sold was a high crown foam lined caps. We called it our “Elmer Fudd” […]

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What class of safety vest should I use

Posted by on 4:07 am in Blog, T-Shirts, Workwear Blank Vests as low as $5.99 Classifications of safety vests Safety vests are divided into three classification. The lowest level of visibility is class one. Class one is for people working a in a parking lot, ticket takers, grocery store bag attendants and workers who by need to meet low levels safety visibility and […]

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No more hassle for HR managers

Company stores are the best method to reward employees with custom apparel Reasons for choosing a company store from Northwest Custom Apparel Allows employer or employee committee to select apparel to be given to employees. Allows selection of custom logo for apparel Choose a custom logo for an event No requirement to purchase apparel. Only […]

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Branding with caps works

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 Caps are the number one marketing tool The question is how to get more marketing bang for our buck using caps.. There are so many options to choose from that makes this process confusing. Caps are a very strong medium to promote your brand. The objective is to capture eyeballs. If you are a mega […]

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Embroidered Patches are very popular in Tacoma

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Patches are economical Embroidered patches are inexpensive and can be applied to all different styles of apparel. The most popular is application to caps. Elmer Fudd caps When we started Northwest our mission was to manufacturer embroidered patches and apply them to caps. We opened our factory in Tacoma, Wa.Caps in 1977 didn’t have a […]

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Marketing at 2 cents a impression

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Capture eyeballs Screen Printed tees are very effective in capturing eyeballs. Getting your message out is effective marketing. That’s why we recommend printed tees. A good example is the price of a tee shirt. This averages around $8.00 a tee. Lets assume this tee will last a year and will be worn about 30 times. […]

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Tee Shirts Attract Eyeballs

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Tee shirts do attract eyeballs. This is one of the most popular ways to promote a brand and get maximum exposure in your market. An $8.00 Tee shirt lasts about six months. If the shirt is worn twice a month it will be seen by anywhere from 10 to 200 persons per month and as […]

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Northwest Embroidery Rebranding

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We are changing our name to NW Custom Apparel

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