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How to avoid Gift giving blunders


Whether it’s an office party, secret Santa or any sort of gift giving, remember to get specific details on what your recipient would really like in order to avoid gift-giving blunders. As you have no doubt experienced at some point, nothing is worse than opening a present that you don’t like, trying to hide the disappointment on your face is very difficult.

giftgivingIf you’re not quite sure what to get them, your best bet is to do a little homework to try and avoid dissatisfaction. If worst comes to worst the safest route to take is a simple gift card. It avoids the hassle of sneaking around asking awkward questions of people you may barely exchange two words with in order to find out the perfect gift.

Firstly, a great tip is to avoid buying mugs. Unless they are an avid mug collector, a person can only have so many mugs. No one wants mugs for everyday of the month, so please, help yourself out and avoid buying those.

Secondly, if the present you thought about getting is only average and you yourself wouldn’t like to receive it under any circumstances, chances are it’s probably not such a great idea to go ahead and purchase that item. Nothing is worse than buying something that does not relate to the person accepting it.

holiday-facebook-tagThirdly, do not buy something your receiver already has. No one needs more than two of something unless they have an obsession or it is part of a collection. Why not introduce them to something new, give them something that they’ll love, and please avoid gift-giving bl
unders that will make you look like a fool.

Lastly, do not buy something which is low in quality and are on huge discounts. Products which are on more discounts are usually low quality products and gifting such products are not recommended. Buy something which is better quality as well as in your budget.


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