Digital Tee Shirt Printing

Direct To Garment PrintingWhat is digital printing

Lets take a quick look at what digital printing is. It’s actually one printer that’s driven by a computer and the ink is textile ink which is a water based ink that is completely safe and certified organic. It meets all the standards of the Federal Government. Right now this industry is poised for unreal


Digital printing is simple

Digital is so easy to print which means once the machine is set up it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run this. The nice thing about digital printing you’re probably going to see now watching the video it’s clean, meaning that take a look around, there’s no ink on the floor, there’s no solvents in barrels laying around, it’s a very clean industry. The nice thing about being able to do digital is that we can do as little as one piece and this is something that is prohibitive by any screen printer.


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Color Separation

What happens with a screen printer is for every color they have prepare and put together a screen. This is called spot coloring, they do color A, color B, color C etc If you’ve got six or seven colors in a design you’re going to have six or seven screens, whereas with a digital printer and you’re looking at having as many colors as needed. No screens needed.


Easy to understand

The machine is able to understand the computer instructions that it receives and all we have to do is put a shirt on the pallet, hit the button and print it. This is really cool because you can do one shirt, two shirts, or as many as you need.


Major benefit

A major benefit is that you don’t have any set ups on a re-order. All you have to do is call up the design and print. No extra charges to the customer.It’s like having a copy machine that prints on fabric.