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Basics of Social Media Branding


Combining social media marketing with traditional branding efforts may be the wave of the future. After all branding is one area social media can help social media the most, establishing brand identity in a way that once required much larger budgets. The following roundup looks at social media, branding, small business and more.

no-brandingBranding & Sales

What does your branding say about you? Your brand is important especially in terms of how it communicates to your target market or audience. Does your brand really say what you intend or are you unintentionally communicating a message that does not portray you in the best possible light.

Social Tools

Are you using the new LinkedIn buttons? The Web’s top business networking site has added a further social marketing and Search Engine Optimization tool similar to share buttons already found on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using networking tools like the new LinkedIn button can have many positive results for your networking and marketing efforts. Test the new application today. SEO Tips and Updates

Community Building

Are you building community or just adding followers? Could “less followers” be the new “more followers?” If this doesn’t make sense to you, perhaps your goals in social media aren’t quite what they should be. This wake up call to social media marketers looks at the truth behind what constitutes success in the social media sphere, and how to create connections the old fashioned way…one relationship at a time.

Your Message

Why context not content is king. If social media networking success isn’t just about the sheer number of followers you can amass, it may be time to look at some other myths out there about building a brand on the social Web. Take the argument that “content is king”, as an example. Content if unrelated to your readers and what they might be searching for, is useless.

A strategy for building content that works. If the key to great social media branding is creating content that suits your customer’s or viewer’s needs, than the system by which you develop that content is also important.


Do you have a strategy for your social media branding? If so, what is it and how does it apply to targeting the audience and customers you’re after? Create an approach that builds networks, adds value, and creates your brand in the social media space. Ignore strategy at your own peril. Take a conscious look at how to use social media to build the brand you want.


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