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Beanie Flashback to 1985


Beanie Flashback

We brought out our old VHS tapes and found this beauty that was produced back in 1985.  It’s kinda funny, we are still selling the same styles of beanies today. The Carhartt, Journeyman, is still our #1 selling in 2019.



After watching the video, we have to tell you that this was a reproduction video we created in 2019. Our video producer, editor, director and voice over, Jonah Markwith created this video.

Interview with Jonah:


Why did  you want to make this video?

Jonah: The company goal is to sell 10,000 beanies in 12 weeks. Our goal must be met on March 31st 2019. I came up with the idea with the brands we are selling and how we will introduce them to the market.  We want to showcase the quality and  embroidery craftsmanship.

What programs did you use to create this video?

Jonah: We used Adobe Premier, Photoshop and a little After Effects.

What program do you like to use the most and why?

Jonah: I like to use Premier and Photoshop. It is user friendly and fun to create new creative videos.

What was your inspiration to create this video?

Jonah: When I was a kid, I remember jewelry and perfume commercials where they really dramatically showed their brands with echoing repeating words. I thought it would be funny to make this 80’s style video?

You were born in 1996 how do you remember 80’s commercials

Jonah: My parents would have all VHS tapes where they had these commercials. Very old commercials interest me because they are very weird and interesting.

Final Words

Jonah: Buy beanies, so I can keep my job. I am also looking for a job in the film industry. I enjoy video production and long walks on the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset.

I need a few more words, so I can get to a 300 word blog.


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