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Beautiful Advertising Campaigns that Prove that #LoveIsLove


HiltonHilton’s “Stay Hilton. Go Out.”

Hotel chain Hilton’s “Go Out” campaign was a huge hit, because they managed to tie in current events to their ads as well. Let’s back up and explain. They created an LGBT-friendly campaign geared towards staying at their hotels, with the slogan “Stay Hilton. Go Out.”

Hilton’s social media game was on point, too. They shared tons of photos and messages all being supportive of equal rights for LGBT people. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they set up a photo booth at the reception to help people take pics to share online!

American Eagle Outfitters’ “Help me imagine”

This billboard was simple but effective – it featured LGBTQ youth holding up big signs that had what they wished their families would say written on them (messages like “you are loved”). Next to the picture was information about how to text the Hetrick-Martin Institute to make a donation. The institute is a non-profit that helps at-risk gay youth.

androidlogo1Android’s “Android: And Proud”

Google reeled a short but sweet video for Android that featured cartoons of famous LGBT people and allies dancing together in pride-themed outfits to a boppy tune at a parade. There were drawings of Tom Daley, Jessie J, Sir Ian McKellan, Conchita Wurst, Sam Smith, Kylie Minogue, Tyler Oakley, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more. Their names popped up followed by “and proud.”

Users could then “join” the parade by creating an Android cartoon of themselves. Some of these user characters got put on the floats at the official Pride celebration call over the world. It was short but sweet, and definitely effective.

Lloyds Bank’s “For your next Step”

A commercial featuring a sentimental proposal – nothing new, right? Except in this case the proposal was a male same-sex couple. We hope the day arrives when a same-sex proposal is seen as nothing new, too! But unfortunately, that’s not the case today, which is why Lloyds Bank’s commercial stood out as a strong message.

On top of the commercial, Lloyds walked the walk, too. They were named the #2 top LGBT employer for 2016 by Stonewall, a gay rights charity, for their major efforts to be more inclusive and supportive of LGBT people tin the workplace.

At&T logoAT&T’s “This is Me”

We were just talking about inclusiveness being important, and that’s exactly the message AT&T sent with this video for Pride. They showed all sorts of different LGBT couples in everyday settings, like introducing their partner to their parents and taking silly selfies together.

They did an awesome job of letting their products take a step back and letting the message at hand take centre stage.

Oreo’s rainbow cookies

These rainbow Oreo photos are absolutely adorable — too bad they don’t actually exist in real life! And it was also too bad that there was a backlash in the comments section from people saying they would never be buying Oreos again. That just goes to show why Pride is still so important.

These Oreos are actually still receiving comments from people over three years after the photos were published. So it also goes to show that something simple can mean a lot and have a bit impact.


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