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The benefits of using t-shirts for a charity


Can be a good Giveaway: T-shirts can be a nice way to give something back to a charity’s contributors.

charityThey create awareness: T-shirts can be a great marketing tool. Any person wearing a charity’s tee automatically becomes a spokesperson for the cause.

They Unify: By designing “uniforms” a charity can create a stronger image of a team. A more cohesive company will generate a stronger impact. Generally speaking, when we see a group of people dressed the same way we assume it’s something big.

They’re Inexpensive: T-shirts are a relatively inexpensive ways for charities to gather money and in some cases, they may not even require any type of investment. Some online companies will let you sell your t-shirts for free with the condition that they won’t produce them until a certain quantity are sold, which means nobody loses.

help-japan-t-shirtLooking for inspiration

Need inspiration for designing your charity’s t-shirt? Then check out some of these awesome examples:

Help Japan: I couldn’t find the source for this one, but I think that it is safe to say that it was designed to help the victims of the 2011 tsunami. The design is both beautiful and heartbreaking, at the same time.

T-shirt designed by The National: The band from Cincinnati, Ohio, designed this t-shirt to support the Yellow Bird Project. A Montreal-based organisation which specialises in selling t-shirts designed by musicians to help different charities.

vb-un-aids-xlargeHaiti T-shirt: As I mentioned above, sometimes all you need is a powerful typography. In this case it is accompanied by an illustration of a sun and a map of Haiti, but they’re almost unnecessary as the bold font is the obvious centre of attention here.

Victoria Beckham for World AIDS day: Personally, I love it when high fashion and philanthropy meet. This past November the former Spice Girl designed a t-shirt that featured an illustrated heart with red ribbons for eyes. The proceeds collected were donated to the fight against the devastating disease.

Count me in! T-shirts: The t-shirts that were sold at Esprit stores were part of the Every Mother Counts campaign,a charity that aims at improving health care for mothers everywhere. The non-profit organisation was founded by super model Christy Turlington after she suffered complications during the birth of her child.


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