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The best most bizarre t-shirt world records


most-t-shirts-worn-at-onceHow many t-shirts can be worn at once?

50, 100, 150? According to the Guinness World Records the most t-shirts anyone has managed to get over their head and onto their body is 257! This amazing record was achieved by Sanath Bandara of Sri Lanka, on 22 December 2011, when he performed this feat in front of an audience in a public park in Colombo. It took him 1 hour, 7 minutes and 3 seconds to put the 257 t-shirts on.

Most T-Shirts Put On In One Minute

Jamie Matter from the US achieved this record by putting on 25 t-shirts in one minute.

Largest-tshirtFastest Time To Remove A T-Shirt

From putting them on to taking them off. In January 2014 Viktor O. of the US took his t-shirt off at the lightning speed of 0.47 seconds. Not bad if you’re in a hurry to get into bed!

The world’s largest t-shirt

To raise money for breast cancer, in 2014 Brazilian t-shirt company Equilibrios Camisetas Promocionals made the biggest t-shirt ever. It was 93.2m long and 62.73m wide and weighed 4,500kg. Designed in the pink brand color of Breast Cancer Awareness, the t-shirt was made of 50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent material recycled from PET bottles. It took a team of 64 people 11,000 hours to assemble the t-shirt and it had to be specially transported to its launch site in Navegantes, Brazil by 73 people. The giant t-shirt could cover three full-size football pitches.

pele-1970The most expensive Football Shirt

Considered to be the highest sale t-shirt ever, Pelé’s football shirt sold for an incredible £157,750 at Christie’s auction rooms in London in January 2002. Why was it so special? It was shirt worn by Pelé in the 1970 world cup final when Brazil won 4-1 in Mexico. The first goal in the game was scored by Pelé. The number 10 shirt was sold by Roberto Rosato, who had swapped shirts with Pelé after the match. A very smart move on Rosato’s part!

james-pollackThe most people turning their t-shirts inside out

In November 2015 employees from Intel Arizona in the US won the world record for the most people to turn their t-shirts inside out. 614 people met the challenge which was held to demonstrate Intel workers were good both on the inside and outside.

The most t-shirts worn consecutively

National Basketball Association legend and statistician, the late Harvey Pollack set the record for wearing different t-shirts consecutively for 3,420 days. Every day Pollack wore a different t-shirt and recorded their details on an Excel spreadsheet: their color, style and date worn. Each unworn t-shirt was kept in one room of his home, and the worn ones in another.


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