Best “What if Brands…” of the Internet

What if brands…? We like to take a look at the world of brands from a different perspective and then create whatever it is we come up with. Many ask us why we do it, since it doesn’t have much to do with t-shirt printing, and the answer is simple.

pepsiWe do it because even though we’re a t-shirt printing agency in a relatively traditional industry, we truly believe that creativity is what makes things better, more attractive and engaging – it’s what makes us different. We want to let everybody know that it doesn’t matter what field or sector you work in, creative thinking will make you stand out.

We thought we could somehow honor our Creative Exercises by showcasing some of the best “What if brands…” we’ve seen on the internet! From more honest slogans to a completely different product, check out what would happen if brands…

adidasWhat if brands were honest?

So, if you are one of those who always thought brands are constantly lying to you about their products or services, then this creative exercise is perfect for you.

The folks from Honestslogans came up with the awesome series where they just imagine how brand slogans would be if they were brutally honest.

liptonWhat if brands made wine?

Can you imagine what it would look like if some of the world’s most recognized brands decided to “invade” the wine industry? Check out this awesome creative exercise by creative director Thomas Ollivier!

What if brands made unexpected products?

So we’ve seen honest slogans and brands turned into bottles of wine but… what if brands were producing a completely different product? An interesting creative exercise that somehow reminds me of this other one we did a while ago.

BeertualisingWhat if popular brands made their own sneakers?

Out of these creative exercises, I think this is the one I like the most. An iconic product that we all wore at least once. What would a CocaCola trainers look like? What about Starbucks? Graphic designer Andrea Salamino shows you!

What if brands were beers?

And finally, our most famous Creative Exercise “What if brands were beers?” Check out the full exercise here!