Best Creative Business Card Alternatives

These creative business card alternatives are bound to leave a lasting impression on whoever you come in to contact with, take note.

touchbaseConductive Ink

As the name implies, conductive ink is a special kind of ink that conducts electricity. When the card is placed on top of the smartphone, the conductive ink transmits the contact information to the phone. This technology is developed by a startup called TouchBase Technologies.



These business cards are sure to make a lasting impression. If you want to create a business card that’s different from everything else, building something useful might be the way to go. Unlike other “creative” business cards, the information in here is easy to access and will be read every time somebody uses the tool. Metal printing is an unexplored area to most people, if you want to explore what it can do, you can start here.


They are useful and tend to be more durable than beer mats. If they’re made out of wood, then the better because it will only make it less expendable and more attractive to the eye.


Coins are far more durable than paper, that’s for sure, and if someone confuses one of them for actual money then it might lead to a fun conversation. If you’re into this idea, then you’re in luck because coins are actually quite easy to customise.


Rings have been used to convey messages since the beginning of civilisation so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to put their contact information in one of them. The above image is an example of a wearable business card which don’t necessarily have to be just rings. How about wristbands? Caps? T-shirts?

Beer Mats

Beer mats are a fun option for a business card, you only run the risk of having people use it as a, well, coaster. Having a water ring on your contact information might be fun or unprofessional, depending on the situation. It’s up to you to decide if it is convenient or not. If you want to personalise your own beer mat, you can always contact companies such as this one.

3D Business Card + 3D Specs

A good starting point to create a uni
que business card would be to imagine a way to represent what you do. Easier said than done, I know, but when people manage to find a way, the results can be quite amazing. Take this example where designer Tyson Junkers wanted to show to potential clients his work in 3d design.