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Best Drinks for Each Type of Event


When hosting an event you need to get the refreshments you serve right. The finer detail, such as event beverages make the difference between a standard event and something that’s really special and memorable.

Let’s look at the more common events and which drinks are most suitable to wow your guests.

drinks-for-corporate-eventsCorporate events

Different kinds of corporate events require different drinks to be served. You may be throwing an end of year party to thank your employees for their hard work, launching a new business, exhibiting at a trade show, entertaining clients or hosting a conference.

All business events should serve soft drinks, such as water and juice. Tea and coffee may also be appropriate, depending on the time of day and type of event. If the event is early evening alcohol may be served, such as beer and wine. A glass of wine over lunch may also be suitable.

drinks-for-weddingsSpecial occasions

Weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries all require drinks that are a little bit special. As well as the standard beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks consider how you could serve something different such as, Pimms, mocktails (no alcohol cocktails), smoothies served in pineapples or coconuts, homemade lemonade, pink lemonade, punch, sangria, spirits with fruity ice cubes, buck’s fizz, margaritas …

Weddings need glamorous drinks to make guests feel special. It’s easy to get creative and serve up a welcome drink to remember. Cava or even fizzy water can be dressed up with fruit, ice cubes containing edible flowers, name tags, and pretty straws.

drinks-for-music-eventsMusic events

Most big concerts won’t allow you to take drinks in with you, except water. Inside you can usually buy beer, wine and soft drinks. It’s the same for music festivals, although many people will try and smuggle in drinks to save money. For the more sophisticated musical events like the theatre and the opera the interval is the time to sip a glass of something like wine or champagne, although you won’t have time for more than one!

Fundraising events

You can sell drinks at events like country fayres, open days and festivals to make money for charity. A locally produced beer or wine tent is a good example of this.

Drink tips for events

We have prepared this awesome list summarizing everything we’ve talked about above!

  • Christmas_Party-e1353364459874At business events sip, don’t gulp – getting inebriated just isn’t cool in business.
  • Think quality rather than quantity. A poor quality wine will tarnish your reputation. Serve a good wine at an event and you’ll be remembered as the host who wants to please their guests.
  • Consider whether to serve drinks in plastic or glass, depending on the event. At a corporate event, you should NEVER serve drinks in plastic whereas at a music event glass will probably break health and safety rules.
  • Always have plenty of water available to drink at any event. It rehydrates and many people like to drink water to balance their alcohol intake, particularly at lunch times.
  • Offer non-alcoholic cocktails and wine at business events so the professionals can remain professional but still have a glass of something in their hand when networking.

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