Best Electronic Gadgets as Giveaway for an Event

A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, and is related to today’s fast-advancing modern age technology to create such gadgets. Gadgets have a wide variety of functions and styles. All of these functions show the progressing advanced modern age. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos. Gizmos in particular are a bit different from gadgets. Gadgets in particular are small tools powered by electronic principles (a circuit board).

Everyone’s favorites! And the best part is you don’t have to blow your budget in order to get them.

Power-BankPower Bank 1200

This power charger allows one to charge their smartphone without the need of an outlet. The best part is that Brand Spirit lets you personalize it. They will remember you every time they charge their device (constantly)!

Mr. Cardboard

Virtual Reality experience for everybody made with love in Germany. Branded Google Cardboard easy to use and well designed.

phone ChargingTrunk iPhone Charging Cable

This cable is flexible to the point you can bend it in whichever way you see fit, and rigid enough to hold your phone, at the same time. The possibilities are almost endless.

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

ThinkGeek presents the future of OCD. This small device’s buttons imitate bubble wrap paper pretty accurately, with the only difference being that it doesn’t run out so one can go on and pop and pop and pop….

phone casePower Plug Kit

This power plug kit comes in a cute zippered case that includes an USB wall charger and an adapter. Perfect for travelers!

Waterproof Smartphone Case

No element should come between a user and their smartphone. Surprise them with this waterproof case by MUJI. Easy to use even with wet hands!

LED Superbright Flashlight

This 9 LED flashlight has got a handy aluminium case and is powered by AAA batteries. The fact that it kind of looks like a lightsaber is a plus!