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10 Secrets to Planning a Corporate Event


Here are ten ideas on how to end your event:

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Give them an amazing speech

Like people, there are all kinds of speeches. When ending an event, you want to give one everyone will remember. While creativity is your friend here, there are still certain guidelines you can follow to create a memorable moment. Be sincere, nobody likes a fake speaker. Highlight the positive, even if the event was a disaster, there must be at least one good thing you can talk about.

An award ceremony

Everybody likes to be recognised for their hard work. There’s a reason why there are so many flashy awards, after all! To receive a prize for your efforts at the end of a long day, is sometimes the best way to lift someone’s spirit up.

musical EventGive an exciting performance

To hire an artist for entertainment purposes is a common method among corporate event planners and it is used to break the pace of the occasion and leave spectators on a high note. Of course, while you may not have the budget to invite the “Chandelier” singer and her dance troupe, you can still probably get some really awesome local performers who will put on a great show for your guests.

Throw a party

Rather than just having a glass of champagne or inviting people to the bar for a drink, you could end your event with an actual party. Sometimes guests like having the chance to bring their friends, family or partners to these events, too. Of course, if your event ends on a Sunday this may not be the best of ideas, but if you’re doing something on a Friday or Saturday night, it might be nice to have a big bash to lend the event finale a celebratory air.


Who doesn’t like fireworks? Even those who say they don’t, are mesmerised when the sparkles start shooting into the dark sky. Fireworks are to people what laser pointers are to cats. They’re just that pretty. If your venue has got a large outside area (and your budget allows), why not go all out with a bang (quite literally)? Regulations regarding fireworks change depending on the area, check the laws on your location to make sure everything is safe and impress those attendees!

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Give Away Swag like embroidered Caps

Leave the best for last

Not only will that give them a reason to sit through the entire event from start to finish, but it’ll also leave them with something more than a “thank you” to go home with. Of course, this means that you should have something legitimately big to announce. Nobody will be too pleased if your announcement doesn’t measure up to the promises!


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