The best selection of t-shirt party ideas!

First, it’s an excellent way to break the ice. Second, as attire becomes casual, so do attitudes, meaning people feel more laid-back and ready to party — and consume! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to promote just about anything.

Here are some ideas to get the party started:

T-Shirt Night GlowGlow night

Does your club have black lights that make things glow in the dark? If you do, take full advantage and host a glow party — complete with a special glow-in-the-dark design tees, of course! You’ll want something that will look great under the lights, so team up with a designer who knows what they’re doing and maybe give things a trial run before you go. Club goers will get a fun surprise when they see what their tees look like in the dark.

Birthday package party

Give everyone at the private birthday party a free T-shirt with a nice design or memorable quote on it. Try to get them to all put the tees on for a photo, then upload it to your social media channels. Groups of people having fun while wearing tees for your club is a great way to promote your venue as the place to be!

T-Shirt BAndBattle of the bands

Organize a night of live music with local bands. Print T-shirts with the bands’ names, your club logo and the date of the event on them and hand them around. Quick and easy marketing for everyone. Win-win situation! If you get a cool designer to do a true rock-and-roll logo, chances are good people will wear them afterwards too — in other words, give you free publicity.

Design a cocktail

Host a contest to design a custom cocktail just for your nightclub. The winner gets their own exclusive cocktail on the menu and promotional T-shirts are printed advertising it. These can be used as giveaways, or to celebrate the release of a new drinks menu.

T-Shirt Neon BandNeon paint party

While not exactly “clean” fun, a paint party is nearly a guaranteed way to have a good night. You’ll have to make extra-sure you have an area you can have one of these parties, where paint is flung around by staff on top of crowds of revellers to give their shirts a one-of-a-kind party tie-dyed look. Use neon glow-in-the-dark paint and tell people to wear black.

The traffic light game

Everyone comes to the party wearing a red, green or yellow T-shirt. The colours indicate the person’s relationship status: Green means they’re single, red means they’re taken and yellow means “it’s complicated”. Either have guests purchase the branded garments on the venue’s website for a very low price or include them in the entrance fee.