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How Big Events Differ From Small Ones


Big events beget bigger events

If you’ve ever handled the organization of a big event, then you know that you’re doing two things. First, you’re preparing with excel spreadsheets some really hefty logistical support. Second, you’re preparing materials for re-use next year, or whenever the event planner needs to get on top of things for the follow-up.

big-events-vs-small-eventsSmall events mean micromanaging

When it comes to organizing events, the smaller it is, the more the event planner is in the shit. What I mean to say is that there’s more time to join the ranks of the caterers, the sound men, the security or whoever else. We become micromanagers not only of our people but of ourselves as well. We have the same amount of time to organize the little event as we do the big event, but as event planners we like to get a taste of all the peculiarities anyway.

A big event means more e-mailing

There are more people involved in a big event, so event organizers need to be juggling multiple channels of communication at once. This means a lot more e-mailing. Studies have shown that most wasted time in the office is due to e-mailing, whether you’re doing the reading or the writing. So take our advice: if you’re an event organizer preparing a big event, make sure you have an administrative assistant to help handle communications. If you don’t, then at least invest in some a useful event planning tool to help cipher the urgent from the superfluous.

big-events-differ-from-small-eventsSmaller events require less time to prepare

Yeah you heard that right. A lot of people might disagree with this. They’ll say that if you have enough workers, you can get everything up and running in the same amount of time that it takes to start up a small event. Event organizers and event planners are masters at plan B, and plan C schemes. Accommodate the likelihood of failings, give yourself extra time to set up, and don’t let the budget keep you down.

Things that go wrong at small events aren’t the same as those that go wrong at big events

At a small event, you won’t have the same shortcomings as you’ll find at bigger events. What’s funny is that there’s a weird correlation between the kinds of problems at big events, and the kinds of problems at small events. Event organizers, back me up!


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