President Carter Visits Tacoma

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president Carter wears cap made by Northwest Custom Apparel.

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Employee stores

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Benefits of Company Webstores Free Up Marketing Budget Advertise Your Business Brand Awareness   Reduce your marketing budget Here’s how you can get free advertising and a giant boost in employee morale. Sounds suspect, it isn’t. Just read on for our simple suggestion. Sometimes the easiest ideas work. A few terms I will be using […]

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Support the Tacoma Police with T-Shirts and Hoodies at

Posted by on 5:27 pm in Blog features all the Pierce County Law Enforcement and Fire Department t-shirts and hoodies. We are proud to support and give back our community that takes care of us. Available now at are I support Tacoma Police hoodies and t-shirts.

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Cozy Holiday Boxes

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For further information please go to our holiday landing page

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Employee Gift Packages

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Employee Christmas Gift Packages Starting at $50.00

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Troop 525 recognizes the inaugural ‘class’ of female Eagle Scouts

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Allie is the name of our upcoming Troop 525 female Eagle Scout.  She’ll be in the inaugural ‘class’ of female Eagles who will all be recognized in February 2021. Some topics can include: –    BSA Bankruptcy –    Girls in BSA … separate Troops  –    Youth Protection Training –    Local community service […]

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Deborah Sexton Interview with Ken Bines and Erik Mickelson

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      Hey, good morning and welcome to the Referral Sender Show. This is the show where we invite guests to bring their business expertise to you. Our goal is to make sure your business is here for good. It’s Friday, October 2nd, 2020. Can’t believe it’s already October. I’m Erik Mickelson, along with […]

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White Mail in 40s and Black male in his 20's on opposite sides of the Referral Sender Logo

Sanmar Fall 2020 Line

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  Jim Snell reviews Sanmars 2020 line with Erik and Ken of the Referral Sender Show Transcript from Jim Snell’s Interview with Ken and Erik Erik Mickelson:                 [inaudible]. Hey guys, welcome to the Referral Sender. It is Friday, September 25th. It’s already fall. It’s crazy. It’s raining outside, the sunshine is gone and we got […]

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Service Shirts Case Study

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Case study at your service. For almost 40 years, Cornerstone Electric has probably served customers in the Seattle, Washington region as a home service company that’s build it’s employees with durable branded work wear. Cornerstone Electric initially turned to a commercial uniform supply company, but became increasingly dissatisfied with the inferior quality of the garments […]

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Custom Embroidered Shirts for Fall 2020

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The fall is quickly approaching us at Northwest Custom Apparel. The fall is coming to Seattle and Tacoma and the cool weather means fall fleece. That means fall fleece sweatshirts, hoodies, soft-shelled jackets, wind shirts and mid-weight and heavyweight fleece. Including the zip-ups, hoodies and crew necks. This is all great fall weather to put […]

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