Merchandise Boxes

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Northwest Custom Apparel is proud to announce their new holiday merchandise gift boxes. The gift boxes are a custom curated kitted boxes with custom apparel and promo goods for your employees and customers. The box below starts at $130.00 per box which includes an embroidered beanie, custom coffee mug and a warm embroidered plush blanket. […]

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Embroidered patches started in Tacoma

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Northwest Custom Apparel started making patches in 1977. When we started Northwest our mission was to manufacturer embroidered patches and apply them to caps. Caps in 1977 didn’t have a lot of different styles to choose from the cap we primarily sold was a high crown foam lined caps. We called it our “Elmer Fudd” […]

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White Mail in 40s and Black male in his 20's on opposite sides of the Referral Sender Logo

Episode 3: History of Pick Quick Burgers

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Erik and Ken talk Pick Quick Hamburgers in this episode of the Referral Sender. Ken lost his cell phone last week, but luckily the Milton Police were able to Ping it back to a house. Hopefully, the Milton Police will follow-through and arrest this guy and give Ken his phone back. We want you on […]

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Referral Sender Episode 1 with Ken Luce of Luce and Associates

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Ken Luce is our 1st guest to the Referral Sender Show. Ken is the owner of Luce & Associates Law Firm in Fife, WA. Ken is a 70 plus year resident and business owner in Fife. Ken has a numerous amount of achievements throughout his 55 years as an attorney. Ken graduated Fife High School […]

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T-Shirt Sender Logo

T-Shirt Sender New Logo

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What logo do you like the best for the 

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What class of safety vest should I use

Posted by on 4:07 am in Blog, T-Shirts, Workwear Blank Vests as low as $5.99 Classifications of safety vests Safety vests are divided into three classification. The lowest level of visibility is class one. Class one is for people working a in a parking lot, ticket takers, grocery store bag attendants and workers who by need to meet low levels safety visibility and […]

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Charcoal Gray Baseball Cap

Advertising Impact of Embroidered Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps can help advertise  your business Mark Venit, a leading embroidered baseball cap consultant, commissioned a study in 2011 to see how many different people read the front of baseball caps.   Baseball Caps attract Lots of Eyeballs One hundred people per day will see an embroidered cap worn outside the house on a […]

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N95 Covid Masks and Covid Fundraising Web-Stores

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Requests for N95 Masks  We looked into the feasibility to retrofit our embroidery factory to manufacture surgical masks to help the local hospitals battle Covid 19. Unfortunately, we couldn’t change our factory quickly enough to keep up with the demand of the masks. Our suppliers are producing masks Hanes T-Shirts and San Mar are converting […]

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No more hassle for HR managers

Company stores are the best method to reward employees with custom apparel Reasons for choosing a company store from Northwest Custom Apparel Allows employer or employee committee to select apparel to be given to employees. Allows selection of custom logo for apparel Choose a custom logo for an event No requirement to purchase apparel. Only […]

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Branding with caps works

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 Caps are the number one marketing tool The question is how to get more marketing bang for our buck using caps.. There are so many options to choose from that makes this process confusing. Caps are a very strong medium to promote your brand. The objective is to capture eyeballs. If you are a mega […]

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