Ugly Christmas Sweater

Not so Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Outfit your crew with custom Holiday sweater designs! Christmas is quickly approaching and do you have gifts for your employees this year? Are you going to give them a gift certificate to Starbucks or a frozen turkey? This year, show your employees your appreciation with customized “Not so Ugly Sweaters” with your company’s logo. The […]

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Digitally Printed Patch Caps

What is Good Embroidery?

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What Is Good Embroidery?  How do you tell the good embroidery from the bad?  Here are a few guidelines and visual clues. Pretty is as pretty does.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are a lot of old adages about beauty and perfection, but when […]

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Northwest Embroidery Rebranding

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Northwest Embroidery is re rebranding. The reason for the re brand is that the company with a name Northwest Embroidery is getting stale. We get too many calls and drop ins from people who think we are an embroidery shop. They come in asking for a single name on a jacket or a Christmas stocking. […]

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Fundraising and School Online Stores

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Best practice story for anyone trying to get school fundraisers going… Took a little bit of a risky order for an entire school district in Seattle and created 15 school fundraisers that ran for the last two weeks. Each school used a 2 color unique print on three basic items (t-shirt, dryfit, hoodie). We offered […]

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Fife High School Makes the Playoffs

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The staff at NW Custom Apparel congratulates the Fife High School Football team for making it into the 2017 playoffs. To celebrate their victory we are offering a limited edition t-shirt and hoodie. Both are direct to garment printed with the fife logo on front and a 12 on back with real looking texture of […]

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Text Effects

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Corporate Webstores and Fundraising

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[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Examples of Stores Arrow Lumber Hop Jacks Restaurant Kaps for Kids Fundraising YMCA Download E-Book How to create a successful Online Fundraising program Cozzi Fundraiser   Milton Police Fundraiser   [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widgets_ImageGrid_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] How to Create A Successful Online Fundraising Program With limited funding and tight budgets, many schools, organizations and nonprofits are desperate […]

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The North Face

NW Custom Apparel to distribute North Face

The North Face is great for Employee Gifts Download the North Face Catalog  After months or even years Northwest Custom Apparel is proud to announce that they are being given the privilege to sell the North Face line of apparel. The items offered will not be from the North Face retail line but special jackets […]

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Digital to garment printing is superior to screen printing

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Digital to Garment is superior Digital to Garment printing is superior to screen printing on apparel. This is a bold statement but it is true. Have you ever been in a screen printing shop and seen the dirt and filth. Now fast forward and visit a DTG shop. No mess or filth anywhere Review of […]

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Tee shirt printing all colors in design are free

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  Preferred way to print tee shirts Direct to garment printing is starting to become the preferred way to print tees. The demand is increasing because the quality is better than traditional screen-printing. Traditional screen printing is slow, messy and the inks contain carcinogenic materials that possibly could be harmful to your health. A few […]

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