ANSI Guidelines and Ratings

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Northwest Custom Apparel sells safety vests, and we are asked the question about ANSI rated vests often. Below is brief explanation. Safety Vests – Guidelines and ANSI Ratings When working on the job with vehicles or large equipment, it is important to be visible in order to avoid accidents. One of the ways to protect […]

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Richardson Baseball Caps Are Available

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Great news at Northwest Custom Apparel! Richardson Headwear out of Springfield, Oregon have partnered to bring the high-end baseball caps with the best embroidery in the Northwest. Richardson has been selling baseball caps since 1975 and Northwest Custom Apparel has been embroidering since 1977. The two companies will provide a superior embroidered baseball cap.

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T-Shirt Basics

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The next time you’re out around town, notice the T-shirt wearing habits of those around you. Look one way, and you might see a skateboarder wearing a T-shirt large enough for him and three of his friends. Look the other way, and you might see a hip teenager sporting a tee that looks as if […]

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5 Employee Benefits | Corporate Clothing

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Employees that wear corporate branded clothes identify more strongly with what their organization represents. By wearing the name or logo it can have a powerful effect that not only encourages the staff, but creates a team atmosphere among the staff. Productivity increases when you have a staff feeling cohesive during the day to day operations…

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Sewing Knit Fabrics

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Embroidery looks wonderful on felt with no texture. Whether stretch or grain it provides a beautiful surface for stitches. Unfortunately, no one wears felt placket shirts! Because knit shirts and sweaters comprise a large share of the embroidered goods on the market, a digitizer must learn the secrets of making these fabrics sew as beautifully […]

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Embroidery Quick Tips

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Here are some time and money saving tips for commercial embroidery we have collected! If you run out of water-soluble topping, try dry-cleaning bags. Hoop them just like any other topping and clean the same as alwayspulling off as much topping as you can. Now run a hot iron over the design, and the remaining pieces […]

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Embroidery on Caps | Tips

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When embroidering caps, it is very important to have an understanding of the components of caps themselves. The face fabric and the stabilizer used in the manufacture of caps have a great deal to do with the cap’s ability to accept embroidery.

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A Look at Embroidery Density

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New embroidery technologies can overwhelm even the most competent and experienced embroiderer. So when faced with hoop embroidery machines, threads, backings, digitizing software, and designs, it’s important to remember how much you already know, and how that knowledge applies in the environment of computerized embroidery…

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A Quick Lesson on Embroidery Thread

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Here is a look at different types of embroidery thread and some of the terminology associated with them.  Different materials and manufacturing methods of thread can lead to different results in finished embroidered designs.  Northwest Custom Apparel uses Robison Anton super-strength rayon thread in all of our embroidery, but we are capable of special ordering most […]

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