Market on Facebook

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Are you doing marketing insanity? Are you out of ideas on how to market your business and are probably at your wits end. Have you tried all the guerrilla marketing tactics that they have preached to you for years? Are you continually marketing the same way and hoping to get the same results? What you […]

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Embroidered Caps Seattle/Tacoma

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Custom embroidered caps are the ultimate way to promote a company’s brand. In the northwest caps you can see them all over especially in the rain. Northwest Custom apparel has a very informative website and links to the most popular headwear companies in the Pacific Northwest. When purchasing caps it is best to be aware […]

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Seattle Custom Coffee Mugs

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 Custom Coffee Mugs Northwest Custom Apparel has been sourcing white custom coffee mugs for decades. The coffee mug is a standard C Handle Mug that is porcelain with your logo printed on the outside of the coffee mug. The mugs come in several different sizes. The 12 oz white mug is the most popular in […]

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Same day screen printing Seattle

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Deco Source number one DTG Printer in Seattle Deco Source is the number 1 digital to garment printer in the Seattle area. They have been in business more than any other DTG printer in the Northwest. The company was founded with the original name of Northwest Embroidery. Northwest Embroidery located in Tacoma/Milton area changed its […]

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Old Skool Business Tip by Jim Mickelson

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Pick up the Phone to turn your prospect into a customer 73 YO, Jim Mickelson and CEO of Northwest Custom Apparel gives you some old Skool Tips to marketing and business. Call your Prospect Pick up the phone and call your lead asap. Emailing back and forth and hoping they will place an order with […]

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Cause Marketing with Custom Apparel

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Cause Marketing with Custom Apparel Northwest Custom Apparel believes in giving back to the community in forms of Cause Marketing. Cause Marketing involves a business and the community working together to raise money or awareness for a charitable cause. Every community has a person or family in need of assistance due to a major crisis […]

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Meet Rich Jacobs of San Mar’s PSST Program

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Today we met up with a old friend and sales rep from San Mar who called on us. Rich Jacobs who is in charge of the San Mar PSST program on the west coast stopped by to share ideas and see how we are doing. The PSST program is very unique to San Mar. The acronym […]

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Thought Of The Week | New Operating System

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Installing a new operating system It is quite common for equipment manufacturers to change operating systems as new software is being written. Their business model mandates that they write new software upgrades to sell to existing customers. The problem is that can happen after formatting a hard drive (installing windows 7 over Windows XP) is […]

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Employees can be walking billboards

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Turn your employees into walking billboards. So many companies don’t realize that everyone working for a company should be a potential salesman. In the marines we had a saying that “everyone is a rifleman first.” This should be the attitude of all companies and their workforce should be treated as such. I find so many […]

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Uniform Rental vs. Uniform Purchase

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Uniform Rental contracts are really brutal and difficult if possible to terminate. The length of these contracts is generally five years. Once signed the business owner has made a definite financial commitment. I was at a customer of ours office this morning and he was in the process of terminating his contract for uniform rentals […]

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