Meet Rich Jacobs of San Mar’s PSST Program

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Today we met up with a old friend and sales rep from San Mar who called on us. Rich Jacobs who is in charge of the San Mar PSST program on the west coast stopped by to share ideas and see how we are doing. The PSST program is very unique to San Mar. The acronym […]

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Thought Of The Week | New Operating System

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Installing a new operating system It is quite common for equipment manufacturers to change operating systems as new software is being written. Their business model mandates that they write new software upgrades to sell to existing customers. The problem is that can happen after formatting a hard drive (installing windows 7 over Windows XP) is […]

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Employees can be walking billboards

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Turn your employees into walking billboards. So many companies don’t realize that everyone working for a company should be a potential salesman. In the marines we had a saying that “everyone is a rifleman first.” This should be the attitude of all companies and their workforce should be treated as such. I find so many […]

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Uniform Rental vs. Uniform Purchase

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Uniform Rental contracts are really brutal and difficult if possible to terminate. The length of these contracts is generally five years. Once signed the business owner has made a definite financial commitment. I was at a customer of ours office this morning and he was in the process of terminating his contract for uniform rentals […]

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Arrow Lumber goes Digital

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Arrow Lumbergoes digital with digitally printed tee shirts. Arrow lumber has to be our number one customer. They know the value of marketing there brand in a competitive market. If you are a company selling to the trade your only way of getting your brand out is to make your customers walking billboards. Let me give […]

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Customer Onboarding

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3 Tips on purchasing screen print apparel

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Did your boss just assign you the job of purchasing screen printed shirts for the entire company? Do you feel lost and do not even know where to start to put this apparel program together. Here are three tips to help you out when purchasing screen printed shirts. What are you using the shirts for? […]

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ANSI Guidelines and Ratings

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Northwest Custom Apparel sells safety vests, and we are asked the question about ANSI rated vests often. Below is brief explanation. Safety Vests – Guidelines and ANSI Ratings When working on the job with vehicles or large equipment, it is important to be visible in order to avoid accidents. One of the ways to protect […]

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Richardson Baseball Caps Are Available

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Great news at Northwest Custom Apparel! Richardson Headwear out of Springfield, Oregon have partnered to bring the high-end baseball caps with the best embroidery in the Northwest. Richardson has been selling baseball caps since 1975 and Northwest Custom Apparel has been embroidering since 1977. The two companies will provide a superior embroidered baseball cap.

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T-Shirt Basics

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The next time you’re out around town, notice the T-shirt wearing habits of those around you. Look one way, and you might see a skateboarder wearing a T-shirt large enough for him and three of his friends. Look the other way, and you might see a hip teenager sporting a tee that looks as if […]

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