Branding with caps works

 Caps are the number one marketing tool

The question is how to get more marketing bang for our buck using caps.. There are so many options to choose from that makes this process confusing.

Caps are a very strong medium to promote your brand.

The objective is to capture eyeballs.

If you are a mega size corporation you start looking at a medium to get maximum exposure to your message. If you have the money you can choose super bowl Sunday.  Here you can spend 2 million for a 30 second ad. However if 40 million people are watching the game and this equates to 5 cents an impression.

However 2 million dollars is generally out of the budget for most of us.

A solution to this dilemma is that to adjust our budget so we can capture as many eyeballs as possible and not go bankrupt

One medium which is really popular and effective is to put your message on a cap. Caps are everywhere and your message will never go dead.  It just keeps on ticking and forever working for you.

The average cap generally will range in price from $8.00 to over $20. Forget the $20.00 cap because we don’t want to promote Nike or any other sports company.

The assumption we are making is that a cap will be seen 3,136 times in its lifetime.

The cost per impression is now simply 2 cents a pop using caps. This is a much better marketing spend than thinking Superbowl.

There is one company in the United States that spends the majority of their marking dollars on caps. Their market is focused on people who use and operate construction machines, farm combines, bulldozers and other equipment monsters. These are people generally do not read trade journals or business publications. But they do like neat looking caps .

The local equipment dealer better have a good supply of these promo caps to keep these people happy. These people are their customers.