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Seattle Companies Love Brooks Brothers Embroidery Shirts.

Northwest Custom Apparel Embroiders Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers BB18008 wrinkle Free Shirt
Brooks Brothers’ wrinkle-free shirt holds a nice embroidery and is easy to wash.

Northwest Custom Apparel is a Seattle Brooks Brothers embroidery supplier. We are excited to add more corporate dress shirts, polos, and 1/4 zips. In addition, men’s and women’s embroidered dress shirts will be a hit for Seattle companies. Seattle companies love Brooks Brothers Embroidery shirts for their luxurious, sturdy fabric and custom embroidered logo.

Erik Mickelson is thrilled that expanding the Brooks Brothers line will help us add more choices to the corporate apparel market. “We are happy to distribute and bring Brooks Brothers to the Seattle corporate market.”

Brooks Brother’s Seattle warehouses are full of corporate dress shirts and bags. You will be able to purchase Brooks Brothers starting January 19th, 2023. January is the perfect time to add this new line to your company’s budget.

Brooks Brothers have Delivered Corporate Apparel for many years.

Brook Brothers Apparel was established in Manhattan in 1818. It is one of the oldest dealers in the United States. They are best known for their corporate apparel and a wide range of embroidered high-end clothes, from dress shirts to sweaters and bags. Their brand prioritizes quality, and the fabrics used are amongst the best. Look out, Seattle, here comes Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers Seattle
Think Brooks Brothers for Seattle Corporate Embroidery

Are Brooks Brothers Out Of Business?

Brooks Brothers are not out of business, and as a matter of fact, Northwest Custom Apparel is an official outlet for its corporate apparel line.

Many corporations use embroidered shirts for corporate attire. In other words, Brooks Brothers embroidered shirts are better than you think. The shirts are distributed through local embroidery shops like Northwest Custom Apparel in Seattle.

Northwest Custom Apparel Building and Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers and Northwest Custom Apparel partnered to create the best embroidery in Seattle.

It’s a Luxury Brand Loved By Seattle Companies

This luxury brand is considered a classic American aesthetic, loved, and adored for years by Seattle workers. They can outfit an entire company with clothing options for all sizes, job duties, and styles. The Seattle corporate market purchases embroidered Brooks Brother’s gear for their office workers.

Corporate Wear for Seattle Companies

Focusing on Seattle corporate wear as we transition into post-pandemic life. Working from home helped launch Brooks Brother’s athleisure line. The love of their athleisure line makes a natural transition into their corporate wear.

Brooks Brothers is a solid corporate brand in Seattle. The customer base is incredibly loyal and will continue to be. This classic corporate wear will always is in style and trending in Seattle.

Brooks Brothers Embroidery Factory
The staff at NW Custom Apparel receives Brooks Brothers Gift Certificates to kick off the new partnership.

Microsoft Employees Love Brooks Brothers

Microsoft uses embroidered Brooks Brother dress shirts for their worldwide sales staff. They believe in employee engagement and retention, and giving them a custom shirt boosts morale. Despite the laying off of 10,000 employees recently, it is even more important to outfit them with custom shirts. The Redmond campus uses men’s and ladies’ dress shirts. The Microsoft logo is embroidered just above the pocket using a tonal thread color.

Northwest Custom Has Brooks Brothers

NW Custom has the entire line of Brooks Brothers Corporate wear. We are partners with Sanmar, who is the US distributor. The blank shirts are purchased from Sanmar, stitched in our factory, and then delivered to our great customers. We recommend calling Northwest Custom Apparel to start your order before the inventory is out of stock. If you are late, don’t worry Sanmar will have containers coming in monthly.


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