Does my business need branded workwear?

A uniform is a kind of clothing worn by the members of an organisation during the activities of said organisation. At work they can also be known as workwear, work uniforms or personalised workwear, variating greatly depending on many factors such as type of industry, number of employees, and country, among others. The word “uniform” may have a connotation of “official”, “serious” or “bureaucratic” to some, but you can make them anything you want them to be.

team-photoThe implementation of work uniforms, as with everything else in life, it’s got advantages and disadvantages, some people find them professional while others think they don’t leave room for self-expression. Ultimately the decision to implement workwear lies on each company.

Does my business need branded workwear?

Some businesses absolutely need a uniform while others not so much, in fact there are some that would find it detrimental. If your company falls into any ofthe following categories then you must likely are in need of a standardised workwear.

Uniform DeliveryDelivery or at-home services

If your employees go to your customers home, then some type of company clothing is an absolute must. In order to let a stranger into their houses, people need some kind of reassurance that lets them know that the character knocking on the door is a professional and not a thief. Sure, a certified qualification will do the trick, but work uniforms will provide immediate confirmation that the person in question is trustworthy.

Health Industry Uniforms

Workwear in the health industry guarantees sanitation for the patient and comfort for the employee. Uniforms in hospitals also tend to be color coded, allowing for organisation and simplifying the identification process during an emergency. The codes change depending on where you are, but surgeons tend to wear green scrubs in clinics and hospitals. Other type of industries that may not be directly related to health, but require high levels of hygiene like spas and gyms, also benefit from  having personalised polo shirts.

Food Industry

Although today’s kitchens are filled with all kinds of work uniforms and colors, the most popular one tends to be a simple white outfit with an apron. A clean white uniform assures clients that the cook is clean and therefore its restaurant. White garments also absorb less heat than other colors, keeping the staff fresh.

Uniform WorkwearFace-to-Face customer service

If you have a store or any other type of venue where you’ll talk with the customer face-to-face, you might consider implementing work uniforms, such as embroidered polo shirts. A branded workwear will allow your customers to quickly identify your employees, which translates to a faster service.

Manual labour / Construction Industry

More than creating a brand, this types of business would benefit from custom workwear for safety reasons, like a hi-vis vest. The right attire would provide workers with the tools they need to realise their chores and reduce the chances of injuring themselves.