What can we learn from successful t-shirt projects?

Each of the campaigns we selected can teach us something a little different about what key elements a t-shirt project needs in order to be successful. So what things do these successful projects have in common?

Clearly explained, transparent plans

The majority of these projects have clear, well-explained goals with simple messages. Your audience needs to be able to fully understand what it is you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. Make your project, easy, if not enjoyable to read and learn about. Try using bullet points to help yourself write concisely and with clear aims. Less is more.

t-shirt-crowdfundingGood cause behind the design concept

Often the cause speaks louder than the design. People don’t fund personal projects out of the good of their hearts, they fund them because they can identify with you, or an external cause related to your project, or because you genuinely represent an investment for them. Tell them who you are, where you come from and why this project means so much to you.

Variety is the spice of life

Remember that some funders are genuinely interested in the product itself, and not necessarily in the cause. Even so, be sure to offer a wide range of sizes, and ideally colours to suit your fans needs.

Show off your designs!

Evidence just goes to show, high quality product photos are essential and nowadays there’s absolutely no excuse in an age when billboards can be made with iphone pics.

group photo webA sense of community

Crowdfunding platforms in themselves have a strong sense of community, naturally inherited from the very premise that they are based on. However, you can also create a sense of community through your campaign. This creates a sense of authenticity in your project.

Regular updates on the campaign before, after and during

You do need to keep your supporters informed of how things are going, any new initiatives you are introducing into the campaign, landmarks that you make, etc. This makes donors feel like you’re taking things seriously and gives them a feeling of value, whilst it simultaneously promotes your campaign.

Overall presentation

The overall presentation of your project is so important that you may have noticed how some platforms practically do it for you, asking relevant questions and dividing things up well visually. For those that don’t, take into consideration, that dividing things into paragraphs, using clear headings, photographs, etc. can help to make your project stand out from the rest.