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How you can use food for marketing your business


Food picturesFood Image

It’s a no-brainer that a very effective and popular way to promote your business or restaurant on social channels is with attractive, delicious-looking photos to install salivating, craving and growling stomachs in your audience. Visual content is among the most consumed and shared types of media, and you will need palate-pleasing pictures for your website and social media outlets to attract hungry eyes. But beware, quality photos are harder to snap than you might think.

Know the lingo

Looking for mouth-watering words to spicy up your menu, caption your images and write compelling copy for social media? Choose the right words to showcase your food on the page and whet the appetite of customers.

Food AdvertisingSocial Media

Instagram marketing is a given for your food business. To develop personal relationships with customers on social media, encourage the sharing of their own content. Photo contests, polls about their menu or product favorites and raffles are great measures to populate your pages and streams with content from your customers.

Showcase food-related content on YouTube

A YouTube channel for your business is a great opportunity to further spread your brand and promote highly shareable content. Think about what kind of videos you can produce and share. Consider video recipes or even your own cooking channel, interviews with guests and staff, seasonal dishes and highlights, a video tour of your business, tips on cooking, local produce, preparing dishes or guides on how to hold tastings.

Food DeliveryPartner with an online delivery service

People are lazy, and in today’s world of online presence, ordering in is more common than ever thanks to mobile apps and a rising number of services offering a streamlined ordering process. When your business or restaurant does not have its own delivery service, consider reaching out to more customers by forming a partnership with a delivery service.

Leverage online reviews

Customers research food locations beforehand, so a backing of positive reviews will definitely work in your favor in attracting attention and business. Most platforms allow you to register your business and enter details about it, so it’s necessary that you do this. Customer can and will review you, if you work on your profile or not, so you should be proactive to have review platforms work in your favor rather than against you.

Check-ins and rewarding loyal customers

Swarm is the counterpart to Foursquare that gamifies the customer experience at your business location. The mobile app allows people to check in and compete with your friends. As a business owner, you can make this part of your marketing plan. Monitor your customers and offer coupons, promotions and rewards for loyal customers.


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