What Caps are Trending in Seattle


Mesh Back Trucker CapWhat’s Trending

When we think of trucker caps, we think  of the  1970’s and Jerry Reed in Smokey and the Bandit. According to Jim Mickelson, CEO, of Northwest Custom Apparel, “they’re back in style. “Mesh­ back trucker caps are very popular right now in the Seattle construction market.

Camo Caps

Another trend in caps and promotional apparel is camo printed baseball caps.  “Mossy Oak camo and high-visibility mesh backs seem to be the baseball caps in demand these days,” Mickelson says. Structured caps rather than the unstructured caps are trending now.

Mossy Oak Camo Caps

Unstructured Caps

Mickelson explained why structured caps seem to be more popular. “The younger generation leans more toward the structured hats due to the Seattle marketplace. The younger group is  becoming decision­ makers in the marketing arena, they are steering toward those trends,”

What to look for when buying baseball caps

Different decision factors-like customer service, inventory and cost should be taken in consideration when purchasing embroidered baseball caps. An embroidery shop  has many different styles of caps,is a great place to start. “That is what Northwest Custom Apparel tries to do.  We offer many styles from many brands, so there is not really any look we do not have.”  Mickelson says, “Remember to work with a company that has excellent customer service.”

Customization of your Baseball Cap

Customizing caps is necessary for sports teams, colleges, restaurants and more. But there are many ways for buyers to person­alize headwear, ranging from classic to new techniques.

“Oxsonic”  weld and liquid metal techniques have proven to be very popular for major NFL and MLB teams like the Seahawks and the Mariners. Along with adding woven tabs to add that retail flair,

For Mickelson, classic embroidery continues to be a customer favorite decorating technique. “Embroidery is the most popular method when decorating a baseball cap,” says Mickelson.

Jim Mickelson

Northwest Custom Apparel


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