Carhartt is Coming!

We will be offering embroidered Carhartt Jackets

We are proud to announce that we have secured a distributorship of embroidered Carhartt Jackets, Beanies, Pants, T-shirts and Baseball caps. Items will be available starting January 15th 2019.

Owner, Jim Mickelson, spearheaded this distributorship by working negotiations with Sanmar and the Carhartt family.


  • One-Stop Shop: We can provide the top selling Carhartt items with your logo embroidered.
  • No more Whistle Workwear: You don’t have to purchase your Carhartts from local stores, such as Whistle Workwear.
  • Quantity Discounts: The more you order, the more discounts you will receive.
  • Sneak Peek: Below is a peek at the stock we will be offering.

Squatch says “thumbs up to Carhartt”