Carhartt “Journeyman” Embroidered Beanie

Carhartt Journeyman Beanie

January 7th 2019

I am excited to review our new Carhartt “Journeyman” embroidered beanie this week.  We recently received the Carhartt distributorship in the South Puget Sound area and we are gearing up for a very promising 2019 selling Carhartt Beanies. The Journeyman is a basic “Beanie” with a cuff. It has a very nice acrylic fabric, which surprisingly doesn’t itch or scratch when you have prolonged wearing time. I tested this beanie out at the Seahawk game in raining and 40 degree temperatures. The beanie did keep my head warm throughout the first half. After the sun went down, my ears started to get a little bit cooler while wearing the beanie. I have to say wearing the beanie the entire game was a lifesaver and kept me from losing all my heat through my head.


I recommend a nice embroidered logo on the front cuff of the Journeyman. It gives it a classic vintage look and the logo is visible from at least 25 feet away. I had a navy blue beanie with red text and a white logo (kinda reminded me of the logo below). I did get one comment at the game, asking me where I got my beanie from, which was pretty cool.

Overall Ranking:

With quality like Carhartt and the warmth factor, I have this Journeyman a 4 out of 5 star rating. It could of kept my ears a little bit warmer in the 4th quarter. If you are wanting a warmer beanie, check out Carhartt Forman beanie with a fleece lining.

Review by: Erik Mickelson



Carhartt Journeyman Beanie