Other Categories in Custom Apparel Decoration

? Other noteworthy categories — There are yet further product categories. Some are huge, some are small. Among the bigger ones are children’s apparel — from infants and toddlers to pre-school garb — and workwear. While children’s clothing is a business unto itself — complete with its own distribution channels and trade events — our industry certainly provides its share of custom-decorated kidswear.

And while workwear can be thought of as its own industry, apparel decorators are claiming an ever-increasing percentage of market share, so much so that our industry today is vastly bigger than the uniform industry. And there are yet other product categories, albeit smaller, such as petwear, towels, fan hands and stadium cushions, beverage insulators, pillowcases, placemats, doormats, scrubwear (for both the medical industry and as beachwear), executive accessories (printable and embroiderable portfolios and computer accessories), and banners, among other product lines decorated by our industry.


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