Charcoal Gray Baseball Cap

Advertising Impact of Embroidered Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps can help advertise  your business Mark Venit, a leading embroidered baseball cap consultant, commissioned a study in 2011 to see how many different people read the front of baseball caps.   Baseball Caps attract Lots of Eyeballs One hundred people per day will see an embroidered cap worn outside the house on a […]

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Patch Cap Program

Patch Caps Elevate Your Brand

Patch Cap Program Northwest Custom Apparel and Outdoor Cap have partnered together to bring you high quality embroidered patch caps with low order quantities.  New technology has allowed us to lower the minimum order to 48 caps. Trucker caps with embroidered patches are HUGE in the Pacific Northwest from micro-breweries, restaurants and construction companies that […]

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Why order approvals are important

One of the key points when buying custom apparel is the order approval.   The order approval protects the customer and the embroidery company and guarantees that your order is done 100% correct to your satisfaction  If you’re already an embroidery buyer I recommend you don’t do anything without signed order approval’s. There are several […]

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Let them wear workwear: Back in the 18th century, Marie Antoinette was famous for having her very own little farm in the gardens of Versailles. The building included animals, a mill wheel and a barn. All specially designed to make the queen feel like she was in the countryside instead of the palace’s premises. She […]

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List of intelligent uses of Embroidery Method

Sports Teams It has to be said that the highest demand for embroidery services comes from sports teams and associations. It is basically for ‘stash’ and everybody loves it. It makes you feel special; like part of a team, wanted. It also advertises the fact that you are part of that association to other people […]

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Creative Customized Apparels as giveaway for a perfect event

A giveaway is an opportunity for you to cause an everlasting impression on your attendees. Not to mention the marketing opportunities. Give them something valuable and they’ll fondly remember you for months afterwards, if not years. A well thought-out giveaway is not only useful for your attendee, but will also reinforce your brand. Customised Apparel […]

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How to plan out your strategy for Clothing Photography

If you start your own brand you’re bound to promote it sooner or later and one of the best ways to do that is through photos with easy-on-the-eyes models wearing your garments. Compared to a simple t-shirt on a hanger, a model provides a taste to your audience of how the product will look like […]

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Northwest Custom Apparel went to the Rose Bowl

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1992 NW Custom went to Rose Bowl 1992 was the first year NW Custom Apparel went to the Rose Bowl. Don James was the coach and the Huskies we co national champs in 1991. Napoleon Coffman was the big gun in the backfield and the Huskies were unstoppable. Licensing was loose Those were the days when […]

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Oldest Embroidery Factory in the Northwest

Longevity breeds success Northwest Custom is the oldest embroidery company in the Pacific Northwest. We opened our doors in 1977 when we purchased our first multi head embroidery machines from Japan. When we stated our manufacturing we had no idea of what the future had in store for us. Our oldest employee just retired. She […]

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How to present your t-shirt brand online

The way you promote your garments should mirror the brand’s image and style. If you take a flick through the lookbooks of successful t-shirt brands, the style and tone of the images go further than just a picture of a t-shirt. They are selling a lifestyle, an image, and if you intend on being successful, […]

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